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Seas of the Sahara

In 2045 a consortium of  businesses, NGOs and governments establish the Earth Working Group to to reverse the effects of climate change. Efforts to remove CO2 over the previous decades had successfully slowed polar melting, and while the EWG expanded those efforts, their long term goal was the complete restoration of the Earth's coastlines to pre-anthropic conditions, and a substantial repairing of the biosphere. It had been known for decades that even if Earth's temperatures returned to pre-anthropic levels, the sea levels would never fully retreat. The southern tip of the Greenland Ice Sheet, a remnant of the great glaciers of the last ice age, simply could not be restored without dooming the Earth to another ice age.  To solve the problem, in 2047, the EWG began dredging out the ancient basins of the Sahara desert to serve as a series of inland seas, rivers, and lakes. Similar efforts were made around the world, but Africa would be the flagship project. Autonomous construction robots generated temporary dams and aqueducts to pump billions of tons of water into to the new bodies of the Sahara.

While the waters drained, solar reflectors positioned in polar orbit would restore the remainder of the water to the poles as sea ice and glaciers. Genetically modified organisms would be deposited in and around the new bodies of water to create a usable soil base and reduce the effects of erosion, an effort first attempted by the Great Green Wall project of the late 2010s. Desert would slowly become savanna grasslands and even forests, and the once desolate Sahara would be eroded into three major, but substantially smaller deserts. At the behest of local governments, some of the new harbors created by the rising tide would be retained by dredging out their bases, serving as critical infrastructure to give North Africa a place to ship what would become the wealth of the new Sahara.

EDIT: Due to some legitimate observations about the placement of the rivers, I have amended the map to reflect the actual river layouts of the ancient Sahara:…

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you should also include the Yellow Nile; a former tributary of the Nile river which flowed down from the east Chadian highlands when the Sahara was wetter, until about 4000 years ago. After that it was a well known seasonal wadi until recent centuries when it dried up forever. It would be cool to see a three-headed Nile again in a wetter world.

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Sorry for asking on an old post but I was wondering if you had a blank political map for the lakes and land editing, I was working on a alternate history map where the Desert was terraformed to look like this for land development during a more advanced 1960's up to now.

Do you want to make one of these for the Australian deserts? sorry for asking in an old post

Can you do the Arabian desert too

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It looks good, but there is a part that is not correct.

The areas surrounding the Nile was savannah and the Yellow Nile flowed with surrounding marshy areas.

The Sahara dissapeared completely 9000 years ago.

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Sorry for a comment on a very old post, but can I possibly use this for an alternate history about what if the Sahara was Green. I will credit you if that is what you want. If this is not okay, I understand, I already have to do this alternate history about Chinese Colonization of the Americas soon based off a poll.

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Fine by me. And thanks for asking first.

I have a question: if I did a pixelated version of this so it is editable, can I post it/? (because I kind of have and used it as the basis of an entire map that I don't actually know if I can post after working on it for months)

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All I ever ask is to be credited for the original.

Are Red Sea mountains not enough for the hydrogen cycle?

Is the qattara depression does not help to increase the rain?

 What is the average rainfall in Egypt at this time?

Excellent map

Good work

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I'm working on an updated version of the map, but my reasons are actually geopolitical. EWG agents were kicked out of Egypt by the Turks and could not complete anything beyond the harbor projects in the country's north.
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Now with new, rich and emerging Africa. Poverty on the continent is gone?
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Course not. But the continent is no poorer or richer than Eurasia.
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Technically, wouldn't that kill the Amazon rainforest? I read a lot articles that qualified the existence of the Sahara as essential for the Amazon rainforest since its grounds are very poor in nutrients, and it receives its main nutrients through the sandstorms that send dust clouds who fall on South America.
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No it wouldn't. A sizable amount of desert is still desert and its sand would continue to supply the (as a result of existing human action) very reduced Amazon rain-forest.
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Is There A Blank Version
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Nope. I'll release one eventually.

Both of these links appear broken.
Is there somewhere else to get those references?
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Replaced it with the article link. Try it now.
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