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Ghost in the Shell: Americana

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Published: November 29, 2015
© 2015 - 2019 YNot1989
!!The scenario depicted is a fan work and its subject matter is the product of Shirow Masamune's Ghost in the Shell manga, and TV series. I make no claim of ownership beyond fandom!!

1989: A previously undetected exoplanet passes through the Oort Cloud, sending millions of meteors down system at extreme velocities.

2017: The first, and largest of the Nemesis Meteors falls on Beijing. Smaller, but more numerous meteor strikes lead to planet-wide devastation and nuclear winter. The subsequent famine leads to the destabilization of many governments around the world, and exacerbates the already tense geopolitical conditions. A military Junta restores order in China, and Russia nationalizes the bulk of its economy to maintain order. Internal divisions in the United States are thrown into far sharper contrast.

2018: The Great Famine forces Russia and China to ally in a desperate gamble to secure relatively unscathed areas of the planet for farmland and critical resources, including Ukraine, Korea, and Japan. World War III begins.

2019: World War III goes nuclear, when Russia detonates tactical nuclear weapons on the Polish-Ukrainian border to stop NATO's advance. Nuclear destruction is largely limited to military and political centers, but the US, already unstable from the loss of Washington DC, collapses with the destruction of the provisional Capitol in Cheyenne Mnt. Russia's government survives thanks to Chinese anti-ship missiles limiting the operating range of the US navy, and therefore making an early strike via SLBM impossible.

2020: American forces in Japan and surrounding naval forces deploy tactical nuclear weapons against the Chinese, forcing a ceasefire and sparing Japan from further destruction. Civil war in the United States is fought between rival generals and militia groups, threatening to further send the global economy into a death spiral. Russia invades to secure critical interests, propping up puppet governments over a largely defeated American coastal populace, and facing extreme resistance in the interior of the country. Japanese scientists release the first fallout scrubbers into the atmosphere, collecting nuclear and meteor fallout into inert pebbles that fall into the ocean, ending the nuclear winter.

2022: The Third World War formally ends with the Treaty of Phoenix. The newly formed American Empire agrees to establish a buffer region with Russia along the continental divide, while Russia agrees to recognize the Empire as the direct successor state to the United States. Meanwhile Russia establishes and a military/economic bloc with the Republic of California and the Democratic Republic of America, forming the Russo-American Alliance. China is largely excluded from the Treaty of Phoenix, having largely withdrawn from the war after the ceasefire with Japan, and is left out of a presence in the former United States. The European Union and Russia reach a peace, agreeing to acknowledge Russian gains at the Polish Sea, and agree to develop the new body of water for the fishing industry. 

2024: The American Empire invades Mexico to secure a rout to the Pacific. Japan, having recognized the Empire and the US troops that defended their country as allies, agrees to join the international task force in Mexico.

2027: Sino-Russian Split. China and the Russo-American Union enter into a cold-war after the signing of the Valdez Treaty, guaranteeing Russian military forces a permanent presence on the North American continent, and annexing Alaska for its oil reserves. China, still recovering from the War and unwilling to directly engage the Russians, forms a collective security pact in its conquered and allied territories in Asia, establishing the Asian Union.

2029: Second Korean War. Russian and Chinese factions in Korea fight in a protracted conflict that nearly leads to another major war. Japan sides with the Empire and the Russians. The entrance of the erratic American Empire forces the Chinese to the negotiating table, lest they risk an expanded conflict.

2030: Japan enters into a Free Trade agreement with the Asian Union, but continues to abstain from joining the currency union or military alliance. The rise of cybercrime leads to the creation of Section 9. Russia faces exceedingly sophisticated resistance in America, as does the Empire from a variety of terrorist cells, and militia groups. China is suspected of financing their activities.

NOTE: I always thought Ghost in the Shell REALLY glossed over the political situation of the world its set in, and the map makes no sense. There are no bombs with the kind of yield to create craters the size depicted in maps released by 
Shirow Masamune. So this is simply my tweaking of the cannon to fit the interesting, and largely unexplored world of Ghost in the Shell.

Featured on: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll5HDL…
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stevemacqwarkHobbyist General Artist
Of all the things Ghost in the Shell predicted, why does it have to be an Imperial America? Sure, people can get prosthetic limbs but they're just functional for those who need them and a lot of supposed tech geniuses at Silicon Valley are all a bunch of douchebags.

I hope I'll be wrong on all of it one day.
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To be honest, I don't think those holes aren't nukes or craters, they're anarchic no man's land zones, possibly some of them being DMZs considering where they're bordering.
Alright I like the premise, and think the scenario is cool, but I just cant picture Russia invading and occupying half of the United States, without the latter putting up a bloody  insurgency type campaign...…   Interestingly it seems the chunk that survived and is relatively free, the "AU" is the deep south which would more than likely put up a hell of a fight, which is probably why they didn't invade it too....LOL.
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I wonder what if America returns? 
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YNot1989Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, the center cannot hold, that much is certain. The American Empire is despotic and an economic basket case, and countries like that can last a while, but they're never sustainable for more than a few decades. And the AE as described in SAC is prone to acts of military adventurism that would put the Bush administration to shame, and has significant racial and class tensions unlike any we've seen in the US. So its likely there'd be a Revolution at some point. Its less clear how life is in the DRA or California, but if the Russians are just leaving these nations to decay and contain the AE, its likely that the Third American Revolution would be a more sporadic one, with half a dozen different rebel groups across the continent rising up with rogue generals to eventually coalesce into a single revolutionary force. Most likely they'd unite East of the Rockies and then stage one combined push against the Russians on the Pacific Coast.
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Even in the darkest night...morning always comes.

Where there is hope good rises up. 

We may not be perfect but who is.

Still use of AIs might give us a fighting chance to free home as it was as the US will not vanish without a fight.

Yeah I never like the so called American Empire it feels wrong I bet others feel it to as CIA a bunch of beeps still:


Texas, Old Guard, and CIA AIs we might have a shot to restore the US with the Air Force and National Guard the AE spread itself thin and with Phoenix aka POTUS we got a chance to get these people who destroyed our home. Plus make things right.  

The AIs will be the key to the entire thing as see where things are going and working covertly with the Federal Government remnants and using CIA and NSA assets together with the Air Force and Guard have a shot to restore the US then kick the Russians and Chinese out with one push thank the First Cold War plus AE develop a few surprises with the Navy we got a shot a few Zumwalt and Enterprises covering our flanks plus F-22s and F-41s we can kick butt plus vast air drone armadas and such and worse to worse we have our missile shields and Thors. 
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FlyingRamProfessional Digital Artist
Nice! Thanks for making this!
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I wonder what if Ghost in the Shell America AU? 
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bonnman100Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Too bad you didn't wipe out D.C. in your alternate timeline lol

Love the drawing btw!
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这个图还不错~~the map is good~
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Yay for Navajo state!
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Is it just me or is this map giving Man in the High Castle vibes? Also, what if ??????? (imagine the Keanu Reeves meme)
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MFW California is unscathed by meteor impacts.

Feels good.
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03GaryJohnsonStudent Artist
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I'm guessing that in this rendition, the American Empire is making plans to both permanently expel Russia from North America and reunite the former US states, and eventually incorporate the rest of North America to become the new dominant state. Is this about right?
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YNot1989Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, they'd like to expel the Russians and reconquer North America, but they know they simply don't have the means.
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Even with resistance cells and sympathizers in the Russo-American puppet state and unaffiliated states?
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YNot1989Hobbyist Digital Artist
There are resistance cells in the Empire too. If anything they're more fierce over there.
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If you had done Ghost in the Shell how would you have create the set up and back story for it without Shiros own stuff to whold it back ?
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YNot1989Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I'd drop it from the Appleseed timeline because the show tries to be set in a more realistic world than that. I'd keep the meteor strike thing I outlined hear (though I'd reduce the impact crater sizes because it just doesn't make sense as to why they'd be that big and not send the world into a new ice age), and after that the timeline would be basically the same.
HeliosMegistos's avatar
Ahh, would you explore the rest off the settings world.
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YNot1989Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might at a later date.
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On the other hand, craters of that size probably means that the US is wiped clean of life. There probably _isn't_ a logical way to make sense of Shirow's maps (Langoliers arrive late for work?). But I salute you for an excellent try. 
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