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Nightmare Scenario: Bleeding Kansas 2.0 by YNot1989, literature

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There's Mormons in them thar hills! by YNot1989, visual art

Nightmare Scenario: Bleeding Kansas 2.0 by YNot1989, literature

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My Bio
I'm just another denizen of the internet trying to add a little nuance where its needed, and a little bluntness where it's not.

I'm from Western Washington, though I currently reside in California.

I'm an actual Rocket Scientist (did research with rockets, and am an Aerospace Engineer).

Politically I can best be described as Liberal American Imperialist; so basically I want Universal Healthcare as an excuse to annex Canada.

I love sci-fi movies, books, and TV shows, classic cars and modern ones too, bitching about politics, speculating about the future, and analyzing the past.

Current Residence: Lancaster, California
Favorite genre of music: Rock in all its forms and all its glory!
Favorite animated character: Spike Spiegel
Favorite literary character: Takeshi Kovacs

Favourite Movies
October Sky, Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road, Logan, The Founder, The Dark Knight, Sunshine, Apollo 13, Waterworld, Star Wars IV, BttF
Favourite TV Shows
The Expanse, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Steven Universe, Westworld, Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Stan Rogers, Andy McKee, Frank Sinatra, Faun, Flogging Molly, Disturbed, Daft Punk, Wolfmother
Favourite Books
Altered Carbon, Worldwar, Helm
Favourite Writers
Richard K. Morgan, Neal Stephenson, Harry Turtledove.
Favourite Games
Kebal Space Program, Minecraft, Starcraft, Fallout 3, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Red
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, N64, XBox360
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Space, History, Government, Engineering, Secular Humanism, Climate Change, War
I'm not convinced Evergrande represents the start of a 2008 style maket crash, but it is without a doubt an indicator that the illusion of China's economic strength is falling away. But if you want the clearest possible indication of that, here's just one video of China demolishing one of its "Ghost Cities." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9b9V2mUzjU
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Here's a possible alternative (or accompanying) scenario to the flood: Sea levels don't rise as dramatically as in the Second Renaissance (maybe a few inches to a couple feet by 2030), but weather patterns get so intense that they still force mass migrations and a government response. Fire seasons on the west coast destroy a sizable portion of agriculture and leaves millions homeless with Los Angeles being nearly destroyed in the late 2020s. In the east coast the collapse of the gulf stream seriously disrupts the rain cycle from the Appalachians to India, leading to food shortages, while hurricanes in the North Atlantic become more intense and regular. In the South Hurricane season is now year round and at its peak Category 5 hurricanes are regular occurrences, leading to a Southron Diaspora. Winters in the Northern US are even harsher and local governments have to place curfews in effect to keep people of dying of exposure in the cold winter nights. Now, if the Flood happens, all
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What if the European allies declared war on the Soviets as well as the Germans after the invasion of Poland in September 1939? https://twitter.com/YNot_1989/status/1425115423188557832
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What could ultimately cause China's economy to collapse entirely and what will the ramifications be when it happens?

In the future, what’s going to happen to all the racist towns across the US? Destroyed after being shelled and bombarded by the US Army and Air Force, and then abandoned after the war?

You’re never gonna permanently silence racist shitheads, but they‘ll certainly become true pariahs in the eyes of both the general public and history at large for generations to come.

Oh I don’t think we can completely silence them, but we can at least outnumbered, outgunned and outsmarted those scumbags. This is especially for me who is a Vietnamese who plan on becoming a US citizen in the future, becoming an Asian-American. They will definitely come after me and you, no doubt about it

I'm a white male so they'd likely only come after me if I joined the side who fights for the just. But that's indeed exactly what I'd do, so I can play a role in forging a better America, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, no matter their sex, color, ethnicity, gender, etc.

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If Republicans successfully cause a default during a Democratic presidency, do you see that discrediting left-wing policy the same way the 1970s stagflation did?

How about the clusterF that is the Hatian refugee crisis?

In the future, is the American wealth tax system based on the one proposed by Warren, or is it created by someone else? How does it work clearly and specifically?