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Horizon Far Zenith
We open on Aloy a few months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn leading a tribe of Nora and Oseram warriors across the high desert in the far north of the Carja Sundom's territory. The group speaks in hushed downs as they finally find what they've been searching for, the ruins of some ancient buildings situated in the middle of an unassuming valley. Ruins that are crawling with Eclipse cultists of the Shadow Carja. The game opens on a mission to scout the area and we learn that the Eclipse has been traveling to this place for many weeks, and Aloy was specifically asked by Sun King Avad to track them after the cult's activities became increasingly erratic around the Sacred Lands.
By the time we enter the ruins, it is clear that the Eclipse's real interest is below ground. While Aloy expects to find another cradle facility, what she and her friends discover is a room filled with rows of strange black boxes stretching for what seems like miles in every direction. The Eclipse kills the
:iconynot1989:YNot1989 6 5
Space National Guard Patch by YNot1989 Space National Guard Patch :iconynot1989:YNot1989 38 3 Election 2020: State by State Tracking Poll by YNot1989 Election 2020: State by State Tracking Poll :iconynot1989:YNot1989 18 17
War-gaming 2020
2018 - The Midterms - The summer campaign season continues to heat up. Republicans are resisting the surge of energetic, first time Democratic candidates, but the wave of incumbent Republicans retiring or being unseated by Trump Republicans in ugly primary battles, the party knows they are facing an uphill battle to keep majorities in both houses of Congress. Robert Mueller's investigation continues to heat up and the President's campaign of opposition to the investigation and demanding its closure has spread like a cancer among Republicans in the House and the GOP base. Congressional Republicans spend almost every month attempting to throw the public off with wild accusations intended to discredit the FBI, Mueller, and the vary nature of Judicial procedure. The White House makes several attempts of their own to slow the investigation without actually firing Mueller, such as sending several hundred crates of documents of dubious usefulness to the Special Counsel's office, pressu
:iconynot1989:YNot1989 11 11
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American Troubles
I'm thinking of adding a new page to the wikia and going into detail about something that's been on my mind for a while now: a period of civil unrest in America during the 2020s.
I've alluded to there being instances of violence by right-wing nationalists and neo-Nazis during the 2020s of the Second Renaissance, but I've never really elaborated on it because, I've kinda been scared of thinking about the depths of the horror we're in for in the coming decade. But I'm reaching a point where I can't not think about it. So buckle up because this is going to be one of my longer posts detailing what I think is leading to what I'm calling the American Troubles.
First we must identify the contributing factors to the present and impending economic and social upheaval. This will require identifying phenomena at the root of American culture, longstanding socio-economic trends impacting the world, and the political situation that has ultimately stemmed from it.
The Great Cycles

There is a
:iconynot1989:YNot1989 24 50


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Commissions are Open
Commissions are open. Standard prices displayed below. Note: Custom work is charged at an hourly rate. If you intend to use this for groups, the rate is subject to change.

*Flag or Seal with existing logo - $5
**Variation with different existing logos - $2 for each additional flag or seal
*Flag or Seal with modified logo - $10

*Small Wikia style map - $5
*Large Regional Map - $10
**Country and Ocean Labels- $5
**Sea Labels - $5
**City Labels - $10
**Rivers - $10
**Longitude & Latitude -$5
**Weathering - $5
**Mars Map - $5
**Flooded Earth Map -$5

Single character sketches: $25
Single character animated style: $50

All prices are in $USD
Payment in points
Payment in advance: Money up front, or else I'm not doing the work.
No refunds. I'm not doing work only to find out the customer wants their money back.
- Fair warning, turnaround will vary.
- Feel free to scan my previous work if you want something similar as a reference
- all work will be uploaded online unless specified (surprise gift perhaps?) 


I'll update the IN PROGRESS ticker as this goes on.

In Progress:

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Commissioned Seal by YNot1989  Space National Guard Patch by YNot1989 


Sean McKnight
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just another denizen of the internet trying to add a little nuance where its needed, and a little bluntness where it's not.

I'm from Western Washington, though I currently reside in California.

I'm an actual Rocket Scientist (did research with rockets, and am an Aerospace Engineer).

Politically I can best be described as Liberal American Imperialist; so basically I want Universal Healthcare as an excuse to annex Canada.

I love sci-fi movies, books, and TV shows, classic cars and modern ones too, bitching about politics, speculating about the future, and analyzing the past.

Current Residence: Lancaster, California
Favorite genre of music: Rock in all its forms and all its glory!
Favorite animated character: Spike Spiegel
Favorite literary character: Takeshi Kovacs


Anyone have any flags they'd like to contribute to the states in the USA in the "A More Perfect Union Timeline?" Couple of quick notes: The Civil War in this TL is actually the Second American Revolution, and its a Republican (mid-19th Century version of the term, meaning Democratic Socialist) revolution that begins in the Deep South and Midwest, though its first martyr, John Brown, was from Kansas. 

So think what 19th century Democratic-Socialist state governments would adopt.…
Steven Universe: 1770
This is fanart. Steven Universe is owned by Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar, please support the show.

This map was is a continuation of the thought experiment started in the previous Steven Universe map, this time in an effort to visualize the World of Steven Universe as it would be seen around 1770, just before the American Revolution. As this is a world with a United States of America, a Mexico (Aqua Mexico?), and a Canada (with a horrible, evil green flag), it stands to reason that most of human history stayed pretty much the same until humans developed the technology to travel across the oceans, because without the commedy of historical accidents that preceded its discovery the Untied States of America and Canada would not have existed in the forms that are still pretty close to what we have in OTL. Now, this requires A LOT of suspension of disbelief, especially when you consider that great big ol' Sea in Siberia is right next to the heart of the Mongolian Empire (so were the Mongols still horseback riding raiders or did they become the Sea People 2.0?) So we're gonna assume that things didn't change until the late 15th Century. 

SO: Here's a VERY rough timeline of events.

1494: Pope Alexander VI authors the Treaty of Tordesillas establishing a Papal Line of Demarcation that effectively defined the New World dominions of Portugal and Spain.

1499: Amerigo Vespuccia travels down the southern half of South America, confirming the Americas as new continents.

1512: Portuguese explorers land in Uruguay. The land is mostly grasslands, fed by the Uruguay and Sao Francisco river systems from the Espinhaço Mountains.

1520: Ferdinand Magellan becomes the first human in history to travel from Europe to Asia via the Panama Strait.

1532: Portuguese colonists land in northern Uruguay after Gold is discovered in the southern half of the Espinhco mountain range. Similar discoveries in the Pereira islands drive a mass migration from Portugal to the South Atlantic.

1542: Ruy López de Villalobos becomes the first European to land in Hawaii during his expedition to Asia, finally landing in what would become the Philippines in 1543.

1607: The London Company's colonists land at Jamestown, Virginia

1763: The Treaty of Paris Divides Europe and America. The Dutch, who remained neutral during the war, establish an alliance with Spain to use Aqua-Mexico to access their colonies in the East Indies. Many Dutch colonists settle in the Guianas as a re-supply and layover port for vessels of the Dutch East India Company trading with Asia. Plans for a South African colony are abandoned after British and Portuguese relations continue to improve, homogenizing the Cape of Good Hope. The Namibian Channel comes to symbolize the Anglo-Portuguese alliance, while the Panamanian Strait symbolizes Spanish-Dutch alliance.


UPDATE: I made some changes based on the Crewniverse's postings of a more accurate depiction of the coastlines.

VIDEO: Matt Mitrovich (The Alternate Historian) made a video on Steven Universe's alternate timeline and this map. Take a Look
Hey all, I'm trying to work out the timeline for "A More Perfect Union" and could use some feedback. This is one of two areas where I'm still struggling a bit:…
If I set up a patreon, how many of ya'll would actually contribute if it meant I'd make more maps and published more stuff?
I'm still writing the Flood book, and have a few more Second Renaissance maps almost ready to go, but I've really been struck by this new ATL I've been working on where the US takes Canada in the Revolutionary war. I could very easily see it becoming a book series in the style of Harry Turtledove and I just want to float some ideas on setting and characters.

Book 1 - Follows Joseph Brant, Joseph Louis Cook, a young Andrew Jackson, 
James Livingston, and Benedict Arnold. The book opens in 1775 during the Battle of Quebec and follows Brant, Cook, and Arnold and a few other purely fictional characters during the revolution. The book would explore the dynamic between Arnold and the Iroquois fighting with the Americans, how certain battles would play out with the new balance of power, and generally explore life in 1770s America. The book would close with an epilogue set during the Constitutional Convention where we would see Brant and Cook in attendance as delegates for the state of Iroquois, and Arnold as one of the leaders of the Federalists as the group pushes for the abolishment of slavery and reveals how the country would both solve one problem but lay the groundwork for another in this timeline by compensating slave-owners with land grants.

Book 2 - Set during the lead up to and immediately after the War of 1812. Follows General Andrew Jackson, President Alexander Hamilton, along with several soldiers in West Florida, Alabama, and Canada. The book would feature more political intrigue and study how Hamilton would fare as President given the circumstances of this timeline. It would also reveal the dynamic between Andrew Jackson and his rag-tag army of freedmen, poor farmers, and indian fighters as they combat the British invasion of the South from the Bahamas. The book would alude to that while slavery is gone in America, wealthy land-owners (mostly in the South) still hold all of the power and they freely exploit everyone from freed blacks, Haitian refugees, and Scotch-Irish farmers.

Book 3 - Set during the Second American Revolution in the 1860s. The power of wealthy landowners has gotten out of control and the country has had enough when Robert E. Lee is elected President despite losing the popular vote by a wide margin. His effete Southern Cronies have remained in power in the South by keeping the poor divided against eachother, but his election is the last straw for the new Republican party. In Alabama an objectively fraudulent election is called about by Republican leader Frederick Douglas and the Democratic government is overthrown and replaced with a revolutionary administration. The book follows the trials of the Republican leaders like Douglas, Ulysses S. Grant, and Alexander Mackenzie as they overthrow corrupt southern governments and gain support from Midwestern and New England states in rebellion. The book will mainly be about exploring the economic and social issues of the civil war without the issue of slavery, the rise of the modern nation-state, and the exploitation by wealthy land owners that was largely dismantled during this period. ("Republican" in this TL means Social Democrat, as it does in many other countries)

Book 4 - Concerns the US during the First China War, following pilot Quentin Roosevelt as a naval aviator during the Formosa campaign against the Japanese, a young Winston Churchill fighting for control of Shanghai with Chinese warlords against the German-Japanese powers. The book will be the first chapter to re-contextualize the period of conflict that consumed 30 years of the early 20th Century as a single conflict, rather than two big wars with an "interwar period" that never really occured. The book will also return to North America Poncho Villa will be working to get the US to recognize Californian independence from Mexico.

Book 5 - Opens in 1938 at the outbreak of the Great War and follows Presidents Mackenzie King, Quentin Roosevelt, along with Prime minister Chuchill (actually elected in this TL) as the war that's been building for 30 years breaks out in Europe. The book will feel like an odd combination of World War II and World War I history as the European theater will be a slow grind and the US battles for supremacy in the Pacific. Characters range from American and British soldiers fighting in the Trenches in France, American marines in the Pacific preparing for an invasion of Japan, and American scientists racing to beat the Germans to the atomic bomb without the help of Jewish immigrants like Feremi or Einstein. There would also be several sections dedicated to Californians fighting with the US in the Pacific during the Invasion of Japan. The book will close setting up the Cold War and feature a more cynical explanation for American involvement in European affairs and a more heroic story of the war in the pacific, framing the Japanese more like the Nazis in OTL (which, given their behavior in the war they deserve) and the Germans more like the Japanese in OTL.
  • Listening to: Stan Rogers
  • Reading: Geopolitical Futures
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drivanmoffitt Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, what is your advice in regards to crafting a timeline for a fictional universe? especially one that's as complex as your second renaissance series 
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well the Second Renaissance had the advantage of being guided by geopolitical forecasting by the likes of George Friedman, but the general principle is to first identify how far out you want to go, and from there you have to identify how much detail you really want to put into everything. If you're 500 years out or more, you can kinda play it fast and loose with history, and keep details vague if it does not directly concern the plot... or if you're like me, or someone truly bonkers like Tolkein, Martin, or those loons at Games Workshop,  you can obsessively cover every minor detail of the past 10000 years prior to the events of your story. Martin, Tolkein, and to a MUCH lesser extent, me, all started from about the same place: you lay the ground rules for your timeline in an origin event of some-kind. For Tolkein, he basically stole the story of creation from the Bible and populated it with more magical characters, for Martin it was the Long night, for me it was the Flood. Now you don't have to center all your events around that one origin event, the Flood is important to the timeline, but compared to the interconnection of real world geopolitical conditions its just one small feature of the wider world. The Long Night is hugely important to establishing the basis for Magic in Game of Thrones, but the origin stories of the noble houses, and the arrival of the First Men and the Andals are arguably more important to fleshing out the world. 

The point is, you have to establish the initial conditions of the world and from there you have to follow a consistent trail of logic on how those conditions when met with humans and all their flaws/features would adapt to them.
drivanmoffitt Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
well, I have no idea how far out I really want to make it but so far, it's well over three thousand years into the future, with various stories throughout the timeline, generally speaking, I'm planning on making my Federation Series loosely connected, with only sharing the timeline and the Federation the series is referred to as. But, I do think the origin event would be the creation of the Federation itself and the events leading up to it (IE the three centuries before it), detailing how Humanity got to the point of possible unification under one banner, while at the same time, unifying as a result of a brutal war
Freedim Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2018
I've been thinking very hard about this question in recent weeks, even months; is it possible that, because of Trump, the domestic part of the coming realignment will come a few years early in 2020? I've asked myself that because the Dems have been moving substantially to the left (of course they've still got many areas to improve on, but nevertheless) since he took power. And we've seen repeated signs, ranging from waves of losses in off-year elections to catastrophic polls, that the GOP as it currently exists may very well be in for a day of reckoning with the voters of America.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been thinking about that too. That's why the Progress Party's origin has been changed on the wikia. 

I don't think the next President or possibly two (hey, we could get a weak Democrat in 2020 and then a Republican who's worse than Trump in 2024) is going to be as liberal as whoever Dylan J. Price ends up being. BUT we could see the early 2020s feature several states adopting more left-wing policies, and I fully expect the Progressive movement to gain steam in the form of a unified party.

My bet is that the Democratic Socialists, Justice Democrats, and Working Families Party will form some kind of alliance or merge into a single party that will differentiate itself from past socialist movements in the US by acknowledging the fundamental political culture of the United States. The DSA is already making progress along this front.
TheTexasRanger Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018
So this was an idea that popped into my head recently. Basically it's what if the OCS Reagan from your second renaissance story moments for it's destruction by Japan is sent back in time over DC to the day of Reagan's first inauguration. Of course the crew would work with the US to rapidly advance their technology while also giving the US incite onto what will happen in the future like Russia's resurgence and other events. I'd like to imagine that Reagan would have a different Star Wars program where it would focus nabbing the moon before anyone else can make a claim on it and of armored troops being used Operation Desert Storm. And quite possibly Bush ITTL could win a second term if enough significant changes were done under his and Reagan's presidencies to better their presidencies and to stop the rise of the alt-right Republican party He could possibly would take a more aggressive stance to North Korea in the mid-90's thanks to future knowledge eventually resulting in a war where armored troops completely overwhelm the DMZ and North Koreas soldiers.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey if you want to ISOT a Battlestar into the 80s, go ahead.
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Since his role in a More Perfect Union is quite different, do you mind if I ask you what it was that drove Benedict Arnold to become a traitor historically?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He was constantly being passed over for a promotion by less qualified Generals and felt that the only honorable course for a gentleman was to turn against what he saw as a corrupt and incompetent government. Had he become the Hero of Quebec, I doubt this would have been a problem.
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Ah so he had cause but it didn't justify what he did?

Thanks for the info.
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