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*Image updated - adjusted the head size XD* 
Merrill from DA2

Would really want to capture the feeling of those old Renaissance thing I can be sure is they don't wear many clothes XD I'd keep trying:p

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I thought they were just elves. No one told me there were wood elves.
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So beautiful. Nicely captures the character's shyness, dorkiness, sweetness and casualness.

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She's cooky, but I love that elf.
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I love her pose and what you did with this amazing textures! It looks very real!
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A very attractive, very enticing Merrill pic, in her native habitat.  Suddenly I'm thinking Merrill and Hawke should go on a picnic. 
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She is stunning, this is wonderful work
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Thank you for the comments :)
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Always nice to see my favourite elf lady ;)
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Reminds me of old Elfquest pictures. Kinda like....oh what was his name Redlace? Woodlace? He was a red haired Wolf Rider who could shape trees and other plants blast it. He was captured by superstitious humans and the others saved him causing one mad human to burn the entire forest. There was a picture of him that kinda looked like this. We'll most of the elves had a picture similar to this either in a forest or in the water/steam. I'm babbling so I'll shut up now
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I knew that comic! Haha I wouldn't mind a male version of this :XD:
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Lol we have from when they left Treeholt to where they find and restore Temorn (or whatever the name of that elf ancient turned wolf was). What do you usually play as in DrAge?
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I usually play as elf now because of the ancient wolf elf :XD:
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Ah Fen Harel. He's why I will never play an elf Inquisitor ever again. It's way too tempting to get in a relationship with that sly trickster and I refuse to subject my character to that kind of emotional abuse.
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I just think he's too stubborn and silly after knowing his plan and somehow lost the admiration I had in his character :XD: Sad to know he's not that wise afterall...
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Lol well wasn't he supposedly human to begin with? I haven't played the DLCs so I don't really know
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cant even put into words how much i love this pic.

merill was my fav character from that game.
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Thanks, glad you love this!
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Merrill is adorable. I always wondered if there were more to the Dalish tattoos than what we saw on their faces.
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omg i love the colours and DAT ASS :heart::heart:
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