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Hello, im sorry if im being a bother. But I was thinking about using your charater sheet base for some adopts. Like the adopts have minimal info on them. Gender, zodiac, and 1 or 2 dislikes or likes. Provided with a headshot and a full body of the character. This would be on amino where i would post this and it would be for some ac which are amino coins. I was just wondering if i could do that or if its a no charge/no adopt type of thing.
Itd look something like this
The rest the info they could fill out and stuff.
Here's the full quality version!  Original Character Template by ynne-black-stock
Hi! It's not a bother at all. :) Thank you for the points! I'm really glad the template is useful to you. Feel free to use it for the adopts! Do you have the full quality? (I'm asking because the linked file looks a bit blurry.) I took it off dA when I moved my templates to ynne-black-stock but I never put it back up, I think I'll do so now. It's old but as long as people can get some use out of it!
Heya there! Idk if you're still on but I found a oc ref link on pinterest (www.pinterest.com/pin/59250489…) and I really like how you made it! I want to use it but I can't find where you posted it to know your rules for use are. I really don't want to use it without knowing if I can or not. If I end up using it and you message that you don't want me to, then I'll stop using it and make a new ref. Please reply when you can! 

side note, i won't take off your credits at the bottom if i do use it. I'll make sure it's visible when i show my ocs to my friends (since i don't post anywhere)
Hi :) Feel free to use it! I don't know if I still have the transparent PNG version, but if this one is sufficient, go for it! You can also cut off the credits since it's an outdated url and you can post it, too.
Okay sweet! If anything, I can edit your currant name onto it. Thanks sm! :D