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To anyone with more than a loaf of bread between their ears it is immediately obvious that Taphrin's ancestry has traces of demons. His kind is tolerated by most, but is often looked at with a certain level of mistrust, so finding honest work is never easy.

Taphrin, or Taph for short, finds things for a living. And at the moment he has been lucky enough to find employment at the local brewer of potions and tinctures. As a result, he is frequently seen heading towards the woods in search of various ingredients.


I promised a good friend of mine I would make an attempt at creating a couple of original characters. This is a part of that attempt.
Taphrin's name is derived from the fungus Taphrinomycotina. Thank you, *emi-ku, for helping me name him!
I will be doing at least one more original character. It's a good exercise to do from time to time, so maybe I'll do more?
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Amazing! Everything!