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Molten Impact

I thought about doing a drawing of the crusader, but I've wanted to do a drawing of a wizard for a while, so... there you go. She's using the local Westmarch fauna as target practice. Poor things.

I hate that there are so many awesome entries in this contest. I'll never win anything! But I also love that there are so many awesome entries in this contest. :)
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You have a very unique style. It is just wonderful!
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im sorr,y did I mention how sick this is!!!! so good! instafav! :pc:
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Man, I love your colouring, the shading..everything!!!
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I'm glad you like it. :)
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"Your defenses...are NOTHING!"
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awww... it is a shame that you didn't win... IMHO this is definitely THE BEST art in the contest :) Anyway, it won a place on my wallpaper :)  
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Oh, that ruthless smirk, it conveys her brash personality so well. I love the way you portrayed her in your drawing. Many artists tend too much into Asian theme, and in my opinion and understanding of the character, it's just not right. 
Effects are very juicy, I love it! It's a huge part of the reason why I play mages as my mains in many games - to feel and watch magical effects in their full glory. Just the meteor would be enough, but the smoke wafting from incandescent hands is a nice touch. 
It's a pity you didn't win something, but for me, your picture is one of the best from the whole contest. 
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I don't know. This is pretty rockin
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oh gorgeous sense of movement! love the details of her armour too c:
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one word .. amazing .. when i look to your work and compare it to mine i feel it pales compared to yours ..
can you give me some advice on how to improve my style ? here is my entry to diablo and i would like you to piont out my mistakes ifyou be so kind :…
YngvarAsplund's avatar
I'm glad you like it!

Hmm, the main thing I notice about your style is that you need to be more careful about making sure the silhouettes of the characters stand out from each other and the background. As it is at the moment, the picture is very hard to read visually.
It's something that's much easier to show than it is to explain, so I threw together a very quick thing in PS to show what I mean:…
The layers I used are still there, so you can dig through the PSD and see what I did. I hope it makes sense!
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One of the best wizi works I've seen. One of the best works I've seen period really! Forgetting the theme this image is so alive, you can clearly define her movements, you see what she is doing and it's effect, in one image you captured 3 to 5 seconds of movement, very dramatic effect, the flow of her arms is awesome and the tilt of the explosion is in sync with her arm movement.

And her expression is crystal clear to read "Pfft, I got this" - The challenge (or lack thereof) those monsters entail is so little she turns her back on them while finishing them off with a wryly smile.

This image is f*cking gold man.
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :D
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awesome work o.o
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Warm and nicely added details,  actually i love that soft style of yours :)
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear that. :)
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wow! beautiful bloody fire! :)
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I find your entry the most pleasant to my taste!
YngvarAsplund's avatar
I'm glad you like it!
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