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Boob Envy

Inspired by a conversation I had with :iconemi-ku: the other day. The five characters in the picture are her original characters, so credit goes to her for their design. It was originally intended to be a quick one-character illustration, but I got a bit carried away. Oops.
I hope you like it!
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The expressions are great!
BladeBites's avatar
The 5th character is the board, isn't it?! o:
Took me five minutes to figure it out, so I hope it's at least close. ;A;
YngvarAsplund's avatar
You're right. It is. :)
AlexanderDario's avatar
Really nice...just I count four people in it...Maybe you already explaied this...
YngvarAsplund's avatar
Thanks! And yes, you'll find the explanation among the other comments. ;)
EmiMG's avatar
Christ. This is way better on the computer screen.
I can't belive you actually did this in such little time. you MONSTER

and its soo good to boot.

New wallpaper I think yes
P.S this is being printed in the finest paper :heart::heart: you're wonderful ! <3
YngvarAsplund's avatar
I'm very glad you like it, Emi. :)
MPdigitalART's avatar
I like the depth...those trees are amazing! And... colors are niiiiiiiiice :)
l3LKl3iRd's avatar
The devil chilin on the tree looks awesome :D
bloodyemo26's avatar
How is the board the fifth?
YngvarAsplund's avatar
It's a sentient surfboard called Borris, heh. Here's some more info on it if you're interested: [link]
IronNoodle's avatar
Love your painting man, beautiful work.
YngvarAsplund's avatar
Thanks, Noodles. :)
IronNoodle's avatar
You're welcome man. I was wondering; what program did you use?
YngvarAsplund's avatar
Only PS CS5 for this one. That's usually the only program I use.
IronNoodle's avatar
Ah I see, thanks.
ajramseyart's avatar
nice work and i love the coloring. is the girl in the middle jealous of the uh girl in the front? or am i reading this picture wrong? XD
YngvarAsplund's avatar
Thank you. And yes, that would be correct, heh.
MMHinman's avatar
this is so cool and the emotions are so great^^
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