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A Bitter Onion End

Have you ever given thought to what the absolute worst way to die is?

I have.

I can think of no worse way to go than being invaded by aliens who transform everyone and everything on planet Earth into raw onions. The thought alone makes me shudder...
It's even worse than being hit and killed by one of those old school Volvos, and that speaks volumes.


Ugh, remind me not to use this drawing style. It takes forever to finish.
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ha! wow, that has got to be one of the cruelest weapons i've seen. love the lighting coming from inside his mouth. you can tell he hates the taste he's being turned into. ;)
Onion... ray... Onionray... I always wondered where all onions come from.

This pic is awesome in every way. Instant classic!
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Oh yes, it's a horrible thing. And thanks! :)
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Space Invaders tie :). Nice addition.
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Yeah, that's pretty horrific. XD

Awesome coloring job though. =D
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hahahahhah, love the onion-shifting-cannon!!!
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I don't get it. D:
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so what do you think
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I can't admit to have burst out laughing or anything. Though that may just be due to the complete lack of any sort of context. I don't know. :)
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its part of a assortment of clips like this one that have almost noting to do with each other its funnier when you watch the hole thing its called asdfmovie
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this is amazing. Maybe it's because i love raw onions though, hahaha
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I'm afraid you and I can never get along. :( Raw onions are completely terrible!
Shattered-Earth's avatar
haha! it's okay you can have grilled onions and i'll keep my raw onions to my self XD. I don't know why i suddenly started liking them a few years ago cause i used to hate them too >_<
YngvarAsplund's avatar
Grilled onions are pretty horrible as well. D:
Shattered-Earth's avatar
hahhaha okay, no onions for you XD~
the guy is like "what da F***, why onion!,, why oh why onion!!.... NOOOO!!!!....."

ahahahah... good job dude, really like the expression on its face... and the news bulletin is a plus... ahahahaha
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Thanks. Onions are the worst! :(
VERY interesting and beautifully accomplished!
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Thanks, I'm glad you think so!
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