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The Seeing Queen

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This is the mock-up cover for my NaNoWriMo 2016 fantasy novel, The Seeing Queen. This is Book 3 of my Firewing series. The synopsis:

With Lassgard embroiled in a civil war, King Calthorn has sent Edric and Katryl to Septerume in hopes of securing Septerume's help in quelling the rebellion. As Katryl adjusts to the passionate and complex people of the island, she seeks for answers about her mother's Living Stone. But the deeper Katryl delves into the secrets of the past, the more she realizes that everyone around her is keeping a secret. Edric's secret gnaws at him until Katryl wonders if he is a very different man than she believed him to be. The secret of The Stranger grows only deeper the more Katryl investigates. Katryl encounters the most secretive woman she has ever met: the Seeing Queen, who carries a secret that will change the six nations forever, a secret that makes her dangerous both to her enemies and to her friends. And, for reasons Katryl dare not guess, the Seeing Queen has taken a special interest in Katryl.


White Hair:
    "Shade - Standing Female Pose Reference 23" by faestock

Woman in red dress:
    "Vesta14" by faestock

Ocean with sunset:
    "Bora Bora" by Mariamichelle

Coast with woman:
    "Woman Ocean Viewing Thinking" by Unsplash

Storm clouds over ocean:
    "Beach Blue Caribbean Clouds" by PublicDomainPictures

    "Phoenix bird vector" by VectorStock
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Your story sounds really interesting.  As a fellow wrimo, I wish you luck!