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Sweet Dreams on Halloween

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Super happy to see some RotG fanart and Pitch at that, he looks formidable :D
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Stoked to see new RoTG fanart nowadays, but even more so when its your beautiful artwork of our/my favourite Nightmare King. And you've made him look deliciously evil. The black swirls around him are magnificent- wispy in some areas, and menacingly tar-like in others.
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I sang that title in my head omg :heart:
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I gotta say, this is very beautiful. :) Heart Love Clap 
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Another one? :squee: This makes my Halloween season end on a high note.
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And suddenly I was super-excited like "OMG!" "This is a pitch!" "Is it a Pitch?" *reads the title* "it must be a Pitch!" *continues excitedly to read* "OMG, IT IS A PITCH - GOTTA SHOW IT MY BETTER HALF(because he's obvioulsy a pitch-fan too)!" :D :D :D

That piece of art is just awesome! 
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It is indeed pitch black
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:sing: He ran the Underworld.  He thought the dead were dull and uncouth.  He was as mean as he was ruthless, and that's the Gospel Truth.  He had a plan to shake things up, and that's the Gospel Truth. :sing: Seriously, with that vortex of ghostly hands and darkness, I'm thinking of Disney's version of Hades.
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Everyone hail to the Nightmare King
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the colors are super gorgeous in this!
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Aww yes. The evil boy is back! Wonderful piece! Super cool colors
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Those hands emerging from Pitch's shadows actually remind me of Hades and his Underworld~
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I'm really loving this Pitch renascence you have going on here. 
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Aww yeah, long live the Boogeyman! This is both epic and creepy. Love the new cloak. Great coloring and haunting imagery, make this an instant favorite.
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