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esto es tan cool :D

Ezra y Sabine ahí abajo xD
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Talk about a civilized way to settle differences...
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He would do this; he'd relish a chance to test his skills without endangering his men, nor potential subjects of the administration he himself serves; he'd also recognize the value of skilled workers and strive to recruit them!
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What makes me laugh about this piece is that there is no possible way that Thrawn is not aware of those two under the table- and he doesn't seem to care either way. Probably because he knows he'll win regardless...
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He sure as hell knows about kanan in the background, I mean with that hair cut it’s unmistakable

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The composition is sweet!
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Ah, that’s tight! I like it!
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Thrawn challenges Hera to a game or he'll reveal the rebel's location while Ezra and Sabine attempt to rig the game, while making out it seems.
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