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HELLO OLD FRIEND INDEED :O Although rather than old, I imagine this as a younger Pitch Black. Dayum. Who needs torso coverage anyway? Especially at this flattering angle. And that defined sternocleidomastoid in the neck. Smexy
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This is so good bro!!!!
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Wah, so nice to see some fresh Pitch art!
Even nicer to see some fresh Pitch art that look this good though omg
This is such a gorgeous drawing of him seriously:heart:
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10/10 perspective my dude
Labyrinthgirl17's avatar
Damn, I haven't seen you do a work of Pitch in ages, it's gorgeous! <3
Ymirr's avatar
well it's an old fandom
Labyrinthgirl17's avatar
I don't consider 6 years very old, now Scooby-Doo, that's an old fandom. xD
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In this day and age, fandoms switch each year or so. Expecially if there's lack of content. 
Labyrinthgirl17's avatar
Wouldn't notice, if I like something, I continue to like it, even if it's considered 'old' by some. And as far as I know, William Joyce is still trying to bring out new content, so I cautiously hopeful. : )
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Yay Pitch! Awesome piece! the perspective is amazing
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I missed your rotg art so much!! ; w ;
He's so handsome, maybe a little too young but who cares. HE'S BACK.
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Omg ;-; <3 such a beaitiful job <3
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this is so damn gorgeous <3 I love how you made his eyes glow in the dark.
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Love the perspective and atmosphere of this piece, great work !
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