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Who’s throwing the turnips in the fireplace? And who’s covering battlements with loaves of bread? 

Anyho, had this lying around here, somewhere in a dark damp and forgotten place on my drive. Didn’t know his eye colour, still don’t. But seeing as he’s announced…
Cole Dragon Age Bioware

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excellent! great work:o (Eek) 
amam2217's avatar
Love the details and expression in his eyes. 
Moralai's avatar
Love his psychopathic killing side. This captures it perfectly!
ivana81uy's avatar
oh my goodness! that's amazing! love it! his eyes are just perfect. 
AgentKnopf's avatar
I absolutely love Cole and you captured him amazingly :iconinulolplz: !!
LadyStoic's avatar
Ugh, you captured him so well!
BellatrixFlamesinger's avatar
Oh God, he looks far more scary than in the game... I'm going to be afraid of him on the next playthrough. :D
vkminime's avatar
O.M.G. /chokes on saliva/
Chiyosumizome's avatar
His eye color is blue! lol, i just figured that out the other day.  Btw, your picture is awesome!
SpartanSheba's avatar
Woah scary. Looks like he's ready to kills us all.
This is going into my favs.
AmandaRamsey's avatar
this is awesome!
GwDuncan's avatar
Everytime I see Cole, I always find him mysterious, but I also feel a bit sad when I see him too
EpicFemShep's avatar
A hauntingly beautiful piece! Great job!
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so beautiful..and i hope he will be a romanceable character
It is announced that he will not be romanceable, seeing that he has a mind of a child.
LadyMizra's avatar
he doesn't really have the mind of a child. Peeps need to stop infantilizing him
chubii's avatar
I know right! It pisses me off that people keep treating him like a child and criticizing others for finding him attractive. He's not even a person, and his body is that of a young MAN anyway.
LadyStoic's avatar
*hugs LadyMizra* THANK YOU. For everyone else, read Asunder.
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Damn, everytime I see one of your work, I can't stop thinking how you're talented and how you perfectly capture characters we don't even now yet. Wonderful work as always !
frac1994's avatar
I have to read those books... Amazing
DeepDarkSiren's avatar
Yayyy Cole!

I just want to cover him with thick blankets and a cup of cocoa, poor kid
queen-scribbles's avatar
This is amazing, great job!
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