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'' Where do we go next uncle?'' Aimee inquired picking at the moss underneath her cream-coloured skirt. The scrape of the stone against metal didn't slow as Bastien replied in his light voice '' We'll move west to Drew. To the highlands.'' He turned the blade of his hunting sword to examine the edge. Aimee sprang up leaning closer to Bastien with wide eyes ''We'll go across the ocean?!'' ''Yes,'' he said flatly '' I hope we don't get sick.'' He muttered. '' How long will it take? Is it far?'' she asked getting a little too loud and her uncle shushed her. '' I'm not sure how long at least five days if not more. No, it's not that far away.'' Bastien sheathed his sword and tucked it under his long robes to hid it from prying eyes. ''Wheres your knife?'' He held out his hand in waiting for Aimee to dig it out from her cleavage. '' Here it is,'' she said handing it to him to sharpen. '' Is it really cold there?'' Aimee asked tucking her legs under her ''I imagine so. You really should keep this under your skirt.'' Bastien said twisting the knightly dagger in front of Aimee's pale face. ''Why? I've never had to use it anyway! I still don't know why you gave it to me. Why DID you give me it? I don't think I'll ever be able to use a knife. Do you think I will?'' Aimee barraged Bastien with questions not seeing his dark brown eyes twisting shut at the racket. He loved his niece but by Antoinette, she could talk. ''Just keep it under your skirt from now on, okay?'' He handed her back the now sharp knife ''It'll be easier to grab when you need to.'' ''But I won't need it, uncle.'' Aimee giggled '' You scare everyone away.'' Bastien grunted as he stood up from the dead tree they had been sitting on '' Yes you will Amiee, yes you will.'' He said patting her head.

'' Acck! How much time does it take to load a simple ship?!'' A male Kobold with sand coloured scales grumbled while he waited alongside Bastien and Aimee. The sixteen-year-old started unabashedly until her uncle nudged her in annoyance. '' What is that?'' Aimee whispered but not quite enough as the Kobold wizard chuffed in disgust at her. Bastien grabbed her hand and crushed it a little when he leaned to her ear '' HE is a Kobold bu-'' ''I've never seen one before.'' Aimee interrupted '' Yes I know. Please be qui-'' Aimee's eyes sparked with joy as she cut off her uncle for the second time with yet another question '' Are they like Dragonborn? Can they breathe fire?! Bastien sighed. His nerves weren't going to last much longer. '' I don't know but please be quiet at LEAST until we get on the boat! We can't have any trouble right now, okay?'' Aimee nodded her head before turning to the Kobold when he spoke. '' A few of us hold the ability to ''breathe fire'' as you say,'' brushing dust off his dark purple coat, he continued ''But if you are to travel anymore young lady I would suggest you keep your voice down.'' The wizard snipped at the pair. Aimee began to protest ''I was just curio-!'' until Bastien clamped a hand over her mouth instantly regretting the decision as the action drew several pairs of eyes. Thankfully a crewmate stepped out beside the ramp and barked at the waiting passengers to come aboard. Bastien didn't even notice the white and yellow cockatiel perching on the sailor's right shoulder till he screeched. ''That's a pretty bird!'' Said, Aimee approaching the Goliath and his pet rather timidly. The crewmate looked confused for a minute but broke into a smirk '' Yea he is pretty. Much like yourself.'' He said leaning down and tilting Aimee's chin up. She blushed but Bastien dragged her down into the hold before she could say anything.

Another of my stories about a four armed man named Bastien and his niece Aimee, he is considered a freak back in their home country of Aadi. Bastien is gonna get stomach ulcers one day from the stunts Aimee pulls. Hope you enjoy and have a good day, feel free to through ideas at me.
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