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''Katri! Few more pastis' for Aure an me! Katri! Katrille!'' A blue-skinned woman lurched up from her position of resting on the new wooden counter in response to the man's demand. ''Po! Po! Always barking!'' Katri snapped at the inebriated soldier as she shouldered past Aurorette in the narrow way to the back of the roadhouse. ''The airs' filled with sparks,'' Auro singsonged, drawing a glare from Katri. ''You will marry Blanchard, the soldier boy,'' Auro continued singing until Katri bashed over the head with her serving tray, ''Don't speak such curses, you witch!'' Auro scurried away, tittering to herself that she had annoyed Katri, continuing to hand out drinks and food to individuals of every variety.

''Here.'' Cabernet, the owner of ''Wacky Squid'' declared, slamming the two drinks down along with a tankard and a bowl of meat onto Katri's tray. ''Relish the other stuff to that weird kid in the booth,'' Caber grumbled. ''Relish?'' ''I meant 'take'!'' Katri's boss shouted, pushing her out of the back, ''And smile for Bouvier's sake! You're scaring my customers away,'' ''you mean 'our' customers?'' Katri smirked. ''Don't test me.'' Caber snarled, kneading the ball of yarn he kept with him angrily, a habit he picked up after marrying Davi, his wife.

Around two o'clock in the morning, things had quieted down, and Katri was longing for her four hours of sleep. But her fantasies were shattered when the ranger who had been sitting at one of the booths spoke up. ''Miss..can I ask you something?'' Katri gazed in shock at the small patron. The ranger's voice was that of a child, ''Go back to your mother's skirts, kid. You don't belong in a place like this,'' Katri scolded, rushing to the stairs before the child could speak again.

But much to Katri's dismay, the young ranger followed her, ''determined little bastard,'' she thought to herself before whirling around and glaring at the young one but was cut off.

''If someone has to kill their mom to save themselves, do they deserve to live?'' Katri paused, realizing there would be no sleep for her tonight. ''Dealing with some heavy shit, aren't you?'' Katri sighed, crouching on the step to look at her new companion's eyes. ''Asking for a friend,'' said the young girl, twidling her claws. ''Better come up,'' said Katri, pointing to the landing and internally sulking over how tired she'll be in the morning.

Yet another crap story, enjoy or don't. Have a good day.
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