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Presentation and guidelines

This is a group to make it easier to coordinate our work to finish a comic project inspired on the Bioware games Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II. Most of the submissions here will be WIPs and other things just to help artists and to solve doubts so if you came here by chance and don't want to get spoiled don't continue reading!

For all the wonderful people who is helping me with this project, here are the guidelines:

- All of you have been invited as Contributors, so for each piece you submit, make sure you check the "Submit exclusively to this group" checkbox to avoid it to be submitted to your general gallery and thus to be seen by your usual watchers. Only finished chapters should be submitted openly to avoid spoilers.

- Folders: I've created as many folders I think we will need but if we need more I will create them. If you submit anything to featured by mistake don't worry, I'll move it. The folders are:
:bulletred: Concept art: Character sheets, backgrounds, whatever you think we need to have in common to help to draw the pages
:bulletred: Script and texts: The script, and any other texts you think will be useful
:bulletred: Sketches and WIPs: Sketched layouts, character sketches, Teaser WIPs... whatever you want to share before it is finished
:bulletred: Resources: Fonts, layouts, bubbles, pencils, textures. Whatever you think we may need.
:bulletred: The Hahren's Quest: A folder for the complete pieces, being texts, pages or teasers. I'll keep them in the correct order.

- Comments: Feel free to comment in any of the deviations. You can comment your script doubts in your script chapters and anybody can answer (me, people who made the text corrections, and other collaborators since everybody can provide useful information). You can ask to change things or ask for our opinion in your WIPs. That's how I had thought we could work better after all.

- Favourites: I'm not sure if I have allowed favourites but if you think they can be useful to add resources (brushes, textures by other people; stock pictures, tutorials) let me know and I'll check it.

- Blog: All of you can post in the blog (or so I think) so if there's anything you want to tell to all of us don't hesitate to use it.

Remember: This group is not secret (mainly because I can't set it that way) but the lesser people knows about it, the more they will enjoy our comic.

And if there's anything you still want to keep private, we can continue using notes and email addresses.
As most of you have probably seen yet, chapter 4 (amazingly drawn by :iconchristivivar: and stunningly colored by :icongwpe:) is already up!

I'm sure most of you thought the project was dead and buried, and to be honest, sometimes I feared so. And since so much time has passed, I'd like to know who's still in, because... well, it all depends on you...

I think I can say without much fear to be wrong that we can reach up to chapter 7, since :iconvictricia: is already working on chapter 5, :iconabadir: is more involved in this project (and many more, I don't know where does this guy find time) than any of us included me, and :iconblueberry-me: has also confirmed she'll draw chapter 7. :iconaztarieth: has already finished page 1 and 2 of her part, so I will note her to see if she could finish the third one, but a single page shouldn't be a problem.

But from chapter 8 ahead I really need to know if you're still in the project. If you can reply here, please let me know, if not, I'll note all of you personally, to try to know it in time so I can find people to do those pages in your place (I was going to say "replace" but you know? You are unreplaceable :hug:). Just as a reminder, that's the people I need to know if they're involved:

:iconcridhe: - Chapter 8

:iconfluffylovey: - She said she was still in ;), at least for the teaser... but what about chapter 9?

:iconpau-norontaus: - Chapter 9 part 2 (well she said I had to poke her so... maybe when deadline is closer? XD)

:iconbloodyhighclaw: - Teaser 5

:iconvelvetrue: - Chapter 10

:icongreifvogel: - Chapter 11 (outline was done so if he can't do it, maybe someone can finish his work?)

:iconirethminllatur: - Teaser 6

:iconximena07: - Chapter 12 (I know you said you were still in, but that was 6 months ago... so just confirm me if you have time)

I'm aware than in all this time your life has changed a lot. Some of you have jobs, some of you have other interests, and some don't even show much around deviantart. So if you can't do it, there's absolutely no problem! There was no obligation to participate in this project (come on, you were all SO generous offering to help!) and there's no obligation to do it if you can't. But knowing it in advance will help me to try to find other people to do it...

(And of course if there are someone new willing to help, it will be appreciated too, because I DO expect some withdrawals)

Thanks again for being here. You all are so awesome!!!
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IrethMinllatur Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011
I WANT TO START!! XDDDD... a ver si puedo pronto hacer cosas!
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hombre, pues yo creo que puedes empezar tu teaser cuando quieras ;)
IrethMinllatur Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011
Pueees.. había pensado plantearlo como un artbook; en plan ilustraciones chachi pirulis of death. Qué te parece??
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
¡Pues me parece perfecto! Y con todo el trabajo que se va a meter abadir con la arquitectura y tal, nos irán bien las ilustraciones y los teasers para que parezca que la cosa va adelante ;)
ChristiVivar Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
WOO! Now I know where to up load everything without you having to email every little thing to everyone! :D
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That's the idea :). And seeing everything together will be much more rewarding, I think.
Cridhe Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Great idea :D It'll be easier from here :) So, all my doubts should be posted here?
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
(Escribiendo en inglés para que todos lo entiendan ;))

Yes, I think it will be better so we can share all the doubts and answers. I've already posted all the scripts, I think you can post the doubts under your chapter :)
Blueberry-me Featured By Owner May 26, 2011   Digital Artist
Wooahh a whole group for us *___* I feel really honoured :heart::heart:


Por cierto,Sonia, he recibido el último mail y todo perfecto ^^.
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! Genial!

Pues si, así lo puede ver todo todo el mundo y no tengo que andar con mensajitos. Si es que de la vagancia salen genialidades :XD:
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