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Hey all !!
I dunno if you knew but I'm drawing a webcomic ( you can see it here : )
It's been on all summer and I'm having great fun drawing it.
Thing is, summer's over, and school is back ! And I 'm having a bit of trouble making at least one page per week.
I'm searching for someone that would be willing to help me get at least one page done a week : )
So, if any of you are seeking for collaboration and particularly like coloring, please note me !
( any style you want, of course ^_^ if you like the way I do it I can dsend the textures I use )
(and if, one day, by chance, that webcomic would do actual money, everything'd be shared of course. But I'm not sure that's going to happen xD )
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Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century®, is a sci-fi setting of mercenaries, heroes, misfits, and explorers out amongst the stars with over 25 different alien races hired by a mega-corporation and thrown into a paramilitary unit. You may hate each other, but if you want to survive you have to work together.

While two social network games are currently in development, we're putting up a brand new feature set in the BL23C universe: a webcomic

Follow the adventures of a young female fott, Cera, who just hacked the hypernet to tell you about her life in a dangerous future!
Blog entries, artwork, and comic strips will be posted on a daily basis, and that's where we need you!

What's a webcomic without readers? And what makes the best readers than artists? We're waiting for your submissions: how do YOU see Cera?

Here is the reference design sheet:…
(but be sure to show us your own vision of this character ;) )

Your artwork will be featured on the comic's blog.

Send your submissions to: Subject: Fan art Submission, and/or post it in the :iconbattlelords23c: Webcomic folder

The more you spread the news, the more your artwork will get exposure!
Update : #16, #75, #24, #9, #30, #85, #66, #1, #2, #62 done!

So, I'm trying to complete these !

1. - Blink
2.… - Wedding
3. Fantasy
4. Lock and Key
5. Heart
6. Poison
7. Fairy
8. Panties
9. Stitch
10. Manga/Comic Strip
11. Dragon
12. Mario
13. Edgar Allen Poe
14. Mask
15. Sword
16.… - Web
17. Vampire
18. Zodiac
19. Bones
20. Phoenix
21. Deviantart
22. Eygptian
23. Anthro
24.… - Cosplay
25. Chains
26. Action
27. Chibi
28. After A Battle
29.… - Art Trade
30.… - Original Character
31. Realistic
32. Moonlight
33. Holiday
34. One Shape
35. Fruit
36. Midnight
37. Elf
38. Pageviews
39. Henshin (Transformation)
40. Fear
41. Under Water
42. Future
43. Mascot
44. Wings
45. New Art Medium
46. During A Battle
47. Vortex
48. Progress
49. Upside Down
50. Unseen
51. Flag
52. Princess
53. Prince
54. King
55. Queen
56. Sharp
57. Fading
58. No Color
59. Censored
60. East Meets West
61. Hologram
62.… - Tattoo
63. Dirt
64. Dinosaur
65. What If....
66.… - Portal
67. Lace
68. Envy
69. Study
70. End of the World
71. Graffiti
72. Silhouette
73. Robot
74. Tutorial
75.… - Death
76. Movie
77. Bird
78. Fun
79. Teeth
80. Jewelry
81. Anniversary
82. Fav TV Show
83. Chaos
84. Fashion
85.… Wood
86. 86
87. Circle
88. Bunny
89. Ice Cream
90. Goth
91. Scar
92. Redesign
93. Fast
94. Stamp
95. Sparkle
96. X
97. ID
98. Buttons
99. Space
100. Rocket

This 100Themes Challenge variation is from :icondavisjes:
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Drawing for poiiints o (later, maybe for real money if I ever open a Paypal account)



Portrait : 20 pts
Full character, simple pose : 50 pts  (+20pts for an extra character)
Full character, complex pose : 70pts (+30pts for an extra character)


Portrait : 30 pts
Full character, simple pose : 70 pts  (+40pts  for an extra character)
Full character, complex pose : 100pts (+60pts for an extra character)

COLORED WORK = (you can pick a colouring style you like from my gallery :) or let me choose if you don't mind)

Portrait : 100 pts
Full character, simple pose : 150 pts  (+70pts  for an extra character)
Full character, complex pose : 300pts (+100pts for an extra character)

Portrait : 130 pts
Full character, simple pose : 200 pts  (+90pts for an extra character)
Full character, complex pose : 400pts (+170pts  for an extra character)

I can't do elaborate backgrounds :D Sorry.

Dont hesitate to ask for anything that wouldn't be on the list : ) Maybe I just didn't think about it


Please note that the time I spend on an illustration depends on many things ! Plus, I do not always have the time to draw what I want or what you want me to draw, as I have studies beside dA =) So the time for you to wait to receive your drawing can vary, especially for coloured work !
But I'll try not to make you wait too long.


Also, I'll ask you to be very precise about what you want me to draw ! Not only about the pose (please, please, describe me what pose you want o_o'' except for portraits or simple poses, if it's ok for you that I draw the character simply standing up- but if you want something precise, tell me ! Links to a stock ilmage can help too, if you have something precise in mind) It's really not a gift asking me "draw really what you want", because:

1. It's a real headache drawing a character that you don't really know, that is not yours, when you dont have enough precisions on what he uses to wear, his personnality, his history... (so you can even give me a short background story of your character ! but not too long, I'd rather spend time on drawing your character than on reading his complete biography ;) )

2. When you ask me "draw really what you want".... I do not have any ideaaaaa o____o""


Conditions : I'll be pleased to draw something for you, but please note that any work from me CAN'T be used for any commercial purpose, and CAN'T be modified by you or anyone else.
You may use it as you like for your personnel interests - like, posting it on your blog if it's a character from a fiction, or print it for your personnal use - if you credit me when you do so.
I reserve myself the right to do what I want with my artwork - because it stays mine :P- and to decline any proposition without having to discuss about it.
Of course, I can give you feedback (and I will) about the artwork while you're waiting for it to be finished if you ask to, but stay reasonnable :P Don't stalk me for screenshots or scans :P

To make it easier for me and for you, and so I can offer you my best, please be sure to be reachable in a reasonable amount of time if I ever were to ask you specific question about your commission ! I obviously can't work right if I have to wait 3 weeks before receiving feedback about the first sketch


[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

Commission !
Thanks to #GetWatchers :icongetwatchers: in just two days I received almost 1,000 views... In a week or so I'll probably have twice the views I had the day before yesterday =')
Although I know it's mostly people who aren't really watching the deviations - it's a random viewer where you have too "stay" 5 seconds (that are more like 2 real seconds) on a random page submitted by a member, so you can easily close the page even before it's fully loaded- I'm glad ^.^
It's a good way to get more exposure of your art.
Anyone can join so do not hesitate !
Please follow this link :…
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Though my Free sketches thing didn't go well, it was time to put this entry off my main page and write a new one!

So, special feature, one of the condition to "help" (yeah, is it really helping? x)) Agina in her Active Watchers Challenge
It's the HELL of a work, and I can just encourage her (aaaaand ask her a drawing , yey o/ )
So, go and take a look to her gallery and her awesome comic "To whom the Lilies Bloom ?" (I finally got to remember the english name, soon I'll get the finnish one ^^ )

and eat plenty of chocolate, everyone !
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The first 10 people that comment in this journal will get a free SKETCH of anything you want. But, in exchange, you have to put this and the free offer of 10 SKETCHES to your journal.

It may not interest many of you,but, anyway, you comment, I sketch =) (If you're lucky -and if I'm not too lazy/busy-, I may turn the sketch to an illustration )

- :iconpunpun-art: [done]>… <
- You ?
- [ ]
- [ ]
- [ ]
- [ ]
- [ ]
- [ ]
- [ ]
- [ ]
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