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[SP] The Final Hunt
It had been a long, long time since the mice started practically flooding the land. Geirr honestly, really could not remember a day without them now. First it was having to live in some strange lands because of snow and now? Mice overtaking their home too! He was starting to wonder if someone had upset the gods somehow...he hoped it wasn't him. It had been a long, boring day of lessons from mama; even Miyanda and Frigg thought so! They all finally agreed on something for once, it seemed. Though another thing was apparent, too...the mouse numbers were most DEFINITELY lower. He hadn't seen a mouse in hours! Maybe all his hunting practice was put to good use! Ha, that would show the hunters. He could definitely be like them, for sure. And they saw he was just a cub, that he couldn't handle hunting. Of course he could.
He looked around the family cave with a bored groan, he didn't particularly want to spend any more time doing nothing fun. Lessons were boring, and just lying inside the den
:iconyllannastafford:YllannaStafford 2 1
[SP] The Perfect Gift
Geirr grinned as he looked around the clearing; today was a good day indeed! He'd woken up to see his family asleep, already a good sign...he could go out on adventures without being collared about where he was going. The second good sign? The clear sky and the sun; as much as he loved the snowy land he called home...sometimes he liked the sun, too. Especially when he wanted to go out and wasn't much fun when it was snowing and he couldn't see properly. He gave his family one last, quick glance before bounding outside, his large paws making the snow was fresh snow, it was oddly satisfying. He took a deep breath in and beamed as he looked around, it was still early and that only really meant one thing: not many adults would be around yet. How perf-
"Huh?" He looked down as something ran over his paw; oh yeah...the mouse problem. He'd almost forgotten, genuinely. He hadn't seen that many lately. Maybe they were starting to leave now? He was unsure. With a shrug,
:iconyllannastafford:YllannaStafford 2 2
[SP] A messy encounter
“By the Gods, not again...” Geirr groaned as he heard a squeal across the  clearing. ‘Who was it this time?’ He wondered to himself as he stood and strutted towards the source, it was definitely a pride member...he’d be concerned if THAT was a mouse...that would have been one big mouse otherwise. He was used to it by now, startled squeals from pride members who had been woken up by rodents, the actual rodents themselves mostly went in one ear and straight out of the other, if he was to be completely honest. He was pretty much numb to their existence now.
He could barely remember a time where he didn’t wake up to see a mouse in his face.
He yawned as he looked around, whoever it was had lost sight of the mouse that had been terrorising them, what a shame. It was his for the taking now- no...THEY were his for the taking...there was several! There must have been a nest or something. What a lovely treat...he could already taste the...
:iconyllannastafford:YllannaStafford 0 1
[SP] Rodent Woes...
They were absolutely disgusted him, genuinely. He never thought he’d be sick of seeing a food source, or hunting practice for that matter. Normally Geirr was a lovely, bubbly lad but lately? By the Gods these mice were getting on every last nerve. He just wanted a single nights sleep, damn it. Not the constant scrabbling, scratching sounds, the ear or tail nipping...he just wanted the quiet, and the occasional snore from whichever monster in his family it was. It was oddly comforting. He scratched behind his ear with a huff, he was a tad hungry... and bored. Maybe he would get up and hunt after all-
“Agh!”  He wildly looked around as he felt something on his back, his head swinging from side to side until he decided to simply stand, furiously shaking himself. That was it! He glared at a lone mouse that seemed to be staring him down...these vermin never looked so delicious in this immediate moment.
He didn’t think twice, and he thundered towa
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Hey guys!

I wanted to share a very close to my heart project with you all, because I need all the support I can get.

My parents have been through a lot in the past couple of years. In June 2017, my dad was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency operation to remove 13 blood clots from his leg, and he almost lost his life- it was either him or his leg. Luckily, he kept both, the operation saved his life. HOWEVER...there has been drawbacks. His mobility was bad before (Due to arthritis in his hips and back), but it's worse now. He had two major cuts down his leg and as well as that, he was in and out of hospital many times, and ended up with bandages constantly on his leg, which still remain to this day. He's also STILL battling infections in his leg, and atrial fibrilation, a VERY irregular heartbeat, which he's been in hospital for several times, and again...almost lost his life. A total of 3 times.

Jumping into 2019, dad is still battling infections and is still getting operations; he's due for one very soon. Among all these health issues, the family has been hit by severe financial difficulties, which has made our lives quite difficult; we're getting by, but barely. We're scraping. This is where mum comes in. She's dealt with the brunt of it all, of everything. She's been caring for dad, and trying to deal with our financial problems the best she can. The selflessness is on another level, I cant remember the last time she's bought something for herself, instead of stuff for us.

Lately, they've been looking at holidays. They fell in love with the idea of a cruise, and every day discuss if it's worth saving for one they've dreamed of. To me? Yes. It is. Because little do they know...I'm helping them get on that cruise. They havent been on a full holiday since 2008, in eleven years, and after everything they have been through? They deserve one, and I dont want to let another dream slip through their fingers; they've given me and my siblings the world...and now it's time to give something back.

I aim to reach my goal by 2020, the year of this cruise they've seen. It's a very special year for them; as it's their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and I want to make it just that bit more special by making sure they go on this cruise. This means the world to both them and myself, as all I really want is for my parents to be happy. I'm optimistic, I know...but I have to at least try.

Any and all support I get will be immensely helpful, and I wont be able to say thank you enough for any penny I get towards this. The support will mean so much to not just me, but my parents too, no matter how much I earn; it will be something, and that's a lot better than nothing.

Thank you all in advance for reading- I would really appreciate every bit of help I get towards my goal; whether it be a small donation or just spreading the word <3

Long story short, I now have a fundraiser going on to help my parents, and I'd appreciate absolutely anything I can get, even just a share...and I'd love for you guys to read it-…

There are...many steps I'm taking for this, though. I have in store for youuuuu-
.Open commissions
.Open Adopts
.I will be doing some YCHs
.I'm reopening breedables

And more stuff, do keep your eyes peeled!

Everyone will get something for helping me out, even if it's just a share, whether it be on facebook through gofundme or on DeviantART. I will post updates as soon as I get them :heart:

Thank you all so much for reading, and even more so if you help not me, but my parents out <3


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Happy Birthday :cake:
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Planning a valentines YCH with one of my OCs! But...who would you like it to be with? 🤔 

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