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Published: September 15, 2016
In a world abandoned by Fate
The inhabitants now pull the strings
Creating a world far
Beyond Her imagining

I was born today
Created out of nothing
An amalgam of circuit and flesh
My name is Hauyne

I can control negative space
Bend it to my will
Strangely I am placed
On tech support

I was born today
Without a mother or father
A fusion of machine and man
My name is Hessonite

I can read minds
Control the peons below me
This ability places me
In the elite

I was born today, with
Science as my guardian
The son of technology and humanity
My name is Idocrase

I can warp time
Move faster than anyone
So naturally I am made
A soldier

Three virgin births
Created by science
Mirror ancient beings
That existed long ago

But what is reflected
And what is distorted
Depends on them alone
As Fate abandoned them long ago

I am sent to repair
A simple little ship
Belonging to a noble
Of our government

This will take
A lot of time to fix
But I must do what I'm told
Or I'll be torn apart

My ship is broken
Preventing my usual work
So instead I'm sent
To watch over soldiers

The silly fighting
Among these children
It's not my business who
Our enemy is

Today a member
Of the elite is here
To observe us in combat
So I must do my best

My actions today
Will determine my fate
If I'm assigned to a unit
Or sent for factory work

These three children
That mirror ancient spirits
Today "coincidence"
Sends them on their quest

Will they reach the same
Conclusion as their ancestors?
This depends on them alone
As Fate abandoned them long ago

I finally work out
Most of the kinks
Just as the owner
Returns from work

I decided to take
One of these soldiers
For personal use
Since he was trying so hard

I was given a chance
I won't mess this up
I'll be the best
Soldier they've ever had

Once they're all aboard
The ship takes control
Shutting them inside
And flying off into the distance

What will they encounter
And how will they respond?
This depends on them alone
As Fate abandoned them long ago

We've crash-landed
Far outside our empire
The ship is destroyed
We're stranded

The techie is no help
As we're stuck in unbearable heat
The soldier does his best
To keep me cool

I don't understand
Why we're out here
But I'll do my best
To serve my master

While they don't know it
They've landed where
Their ancestors once resided
The now-sleepy town of "Miramontaña"

How the locals will treat
These strange aliens
Depends on them alone
As Fate abandoned them long ago

Time passes, clocks tick
I work with Idocrase to
Build a new home for
Our new life

Seasons pass, leaves fall
We learn to adapt
And make do in
This strange new world

Years pass, we mature
I'm the one who learns
The nature of these aliens
Known as "humanity"

And we decide
To protect these
Strange creatures
So full of hope.

And so in time
Fate will return
To meet back up
With Her reflection

Yet still the actions
Of these three souls
Depends on them alone
As Fate has finally let go
© 2016 - 2019 Ylimegirl

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