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When a devil
And a prostitute
Committed the sin
Generations were cursed

The first with the blood
Appropriately called a witch
Forced to commit sins
Even as she tried to atone

She unwittingly continued
The sinful family
Tainted with the blood
Of the devil

The blood might dilute
But punishment will still come
To all those who have
Even a trace of his blood

After half a millennium
Someone finds the devil
They try to use him but
Nobody survives the process

They find three children
With his blood in their veins
They force them under the needle
And the devil commits another sin

The cycle starts again
His soul split in three
The devil causes nothing
But pain among the siblings

The tears stain their faces
Destroying those around them
The blood mixes and spreads
Even without reproducing

Forced to torture themselves
For his own goals
The children are made
Into monsters

Even when they don't reproduce
Adopted children carry the virus
So at the end of everything
A tainted girl will cry

The devil cares for nobody
As he dismantles the bloodline
Making them into his pawns
For his unknown goals

One day the end will come
The tainted will learn to stand
Maybe one day their ancestor
Can finally be destroyed
© 2016 - 2020 Ylimegirl
This poem is shorter than I originally imagined it to be.
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