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Wandering the floors of the museum,
all alone, nobody with me.
Looking at all the art—
I just don’t get it.

On the third floor,
I see a policeman.
Staring off into space,
standing with authority.

I sit down on a nearby bench.
He doesn’t move.
I don’t move.
Together, we’re both statues.

What is our drive?
What do we exist for?
He doesn’t answer me.
I don’t answer him.

The two of us are solemn,
still, emotionless,
mere shells of existence—
appearing lifelike, but lacking life.

Eventually I get up
and walk around the museum.
Looking at all the art—
I just don’t get it.

On the top floor
I see a monitor
broadcasting video from
various museum rooms.

I stare at the video.
The policeman shows up again.
He has more visitors in one minute
than I have had friends in my lifetime.

I head towards the elevators;
I turn around for just a second—
I see a girl staring back at me.
She is no more than a statue.

We both look away,
and I head downstairs
to leave the museum

Outside I think of my fellow statue,
appearing even less lifelike than me,
yet he receives more attention today
than I ever have throughout my entire life.
An ekphrastic poem done at the SFMOMA, featuring this lovely sculpture (yes, sculpture):

The concept statement I wrote after the fact is "exploring the feeling of depression through the experience of walking through a museum".

My teacher is highly encouraging me to record me performing it, which I might. We'll see.
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