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Published: September 26, 2016
Hello Miramontaña!
As a treat for y'all,
Tonight we're playing
Something special.

Tonight you'll hear
A little something that
Came to us in a dream.
Quite an interesting tale.

Let's take it from the top!

Once upon a time
So very long ago
There was a young trio
Of aspiring musicians

While their songs seemed
To be repetitive nonsense
They soon realized that they
Had the ability to manipulate others

The three children coming
From different backgrounds,
Soon learned how to
Pierce the veil of reality

The leader of the trio
An androgynous boy
Plays the guitar
And rocks the world

The friend of the leader
A rather bookwormy boy
Plays the keyboard
And rocks the mind

The odd man out
An alternative boy
Plays the drums
And rocks the soul

The three children
Using their combined powers
Start to change the world
And the fates of others

After almost seven years
They finally gain popularity
And as they tour the globe
Learn more of their powers

The trio soon find themselves
In another world
So they begin to help
Those they find in need

While dealing with their own drama
They find that their destiny
Lies beyond this world
Who could've predicted this?

The three children
Who just liked playing band
Soon find their abilities
Lead to a greater fate

Much like the world
They soon forge a mask
Feigning normality while
Really being extraordinary

They'll continue to play
Haunting melodies and tunes
That will bend the very fabric
Of space and time

Anything seems possible
Even what shouldn't be
What a strange world
People live in, isn't it?
© 2016 - 2019 Ylimegirl
My dad never could've predicted that his faceless Polly Pocket OCs would become designed into actual characters, featured in a poem, and then posted on the Internet. Hi dad
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