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Published: September 20, 2016
A youth stands
Alone in ug'r room
Watching as
The world crumbles

A structured world
Keeps everyone in line
I was born at
The top

My blood a special hue
Proves this fact
Giving me greater abilities
Far above everyone else

The adviser
To the hive's ruler
Eventually I will
Serve the 13

Until then I will remain
The stalwart assistant
Keeping an eye on
Everyone beneath me

One day I wake
To see our world crumble
Demons rain from above
And I do my best to shield

Much of our hive is in shambles
The world has fallen apart
I am appointed the hero
Told to protect this region

The wielder of light
Will I truly be able to
Stand up to the challenge
And save this world?

Gorgl'psi gather around me
Asking for help
Gr'gn plead and plead
I don't know if I can assist

Everything I know is over
So we must try to rebuild
And free this world from
The reign of demons

I grab my weapon
Slash at these monsters
Soon we have reclaimed
The hive

I'm heralded as a hero
A feast is held in my honor
But all I can think of is
How there's eleven more

Eleven others scattered
All around the planet
Gr'gn are also all trying to
Rebuild this doomed world

I fear the day
One of gr'gn may come
And I pray that g'rg
Won't stab me in the back

My worst fear comes true
A vengeful gorgl'ps comes
Gr'g arrives and proceeds to
Stab me through the chest

Lingering between life and death
I see a vision of an alien
Gr'g hugs me in comfort
And I find myself becoming stronger

With full mastery over my abilities
I rise from defeat
I order this liar
To make an alliance with me

Our two regions combined
The first alliance forged
And so we both continue
To purge this world of evil

Soon we're all together
Ready to fight the queen
Gr'g killed our ruler
So gr'g will pay

So the palace is plunged
Into a final despair
This battle determines
The fate of this world

So a group of gorgl'psi
All stand in a line
Ready to fight
To prevent despair
© 2016 - 2019 Ylimegirl
Ah yes, alien pronouns! Here's a snippet of relevant translations:
Ug'r: His/Her
Gr'gn: They
Gr'g: He/She

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