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Set ~ Egyptian Gods

Set, God of chaos, change, deserts, storms, foreigners.

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Bastet ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Sekhmet ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Ra ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Anubis ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Isis ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Thoth ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade

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This is incredible, I love the whole series. I really love that you even have some more obscure gods, because no one ever seems to do that. Very cool, thank you for making it exist.

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He is my favorite Egyptian god!

Great artwork. Set looks appropriately menacing here.

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The Big Bad of Egypt Myth.

He's actually not really, if there was one it would probably be Apep. Seth was shown as having a lot of bad traits, but even when he was demonised later on he was still worshipped and had temples, which Apep never did. Seth was just very complicated.

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Wow if am going write something based on Egypt Myth he will be a Complicated Anti Hero.

Absolutely do, that'd be cool. Show the poor guy some love, he's so interesting

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One day i Will.

Yep.I'm going to be writing a comic filled with public domain characters and I thought that the best characters to make the villains would be Set and the Slavic God,Chernobog. Because the other characters that I had in mind as villains just didn't seem powerful enough to warrant bringing together all of the public domain characters that I'm going to be using in the comic. But characters like Set and Chernobog can obviously work as The Big Bad of any story.

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It's a shame. He used to be a hero.
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Oh Really Wanna tell Me How That Happend my Friend.
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He joined with the others to fight off Apophis from eating Ra and was simply a guardian of travelers.... but then his worshippers got more.... violent.
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Strong sense of presence in this one! Love that contrast of red and green.

Impressive! Truly ominous one :) God not to trifle with...

But I cannot agree that he was a god of chaos - actually he was the protector from it!
As one of the strongest gods he stood at the prow of Ra's barge protecting the Sun during it's dangerous journey. He was always ready to oppose Apep, the incarnation of primordial, aggressive Chaos. I blame Osiris's priests' propaganda for later connotations of Set with chaos ;P
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Ready to trap his brother in a chest and send him down the mile
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He is my son ....KAAL BHAIRAB....GOD is GOD....not bind HIM within territories. ..and by the way old Egyptian civilization was Vaidic civilization. ..
I have to say, I always thought about Set as a red-and-black sort of guy, but this looks really good!
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Yeah like this color scheme does look cool. But not going with deep blood red tones was a missed opportunity.
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The King of Darkness, and the giver of air and life to the dead.

The God of evil, the destroyer of Evil! The god of the storms and wars.

Set is the God Of Chaos and strength,too.

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Set, perhaps the most complicated god in the entire mythos and my favorite. He began as a good guy, but was was vilified by the Ra cult after the overthrowing of the Hyksos pharaohs. They were foreigners so they chose him as their patron deity, which didn't turn out too well for the god after their defeat. Excellent rendition! <3
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