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Neith ~ Egyptian Gods

By Yliade
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Neith was one of the oldest deities of ancient Egypt. She was the goddess of war and weaving. She was also a funerary goddess who cared for and helped to dress the souls of the dead.
Neith is said to have been present at the creation of the world and, in some stories, even the creator herself who gave birth to Ra who then completed the act of creation. She is always represented as extremely wise and just.

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PhenixiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
"She is always represented as extremely wise and just."  The total opposite to greek gods!
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1999olympianHobbyist Artist
Maybe because Greek myths are meant to be stories that are relatable to the human condition, and the flaws that we all suffer from... but whatever lol.
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No, just because they are based off of the white people who were evil, unwise and unjust, like the ones who run the country and the racist whites.

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1999olympianHobbyist Artist
I honestly hope you’re being sarcastic or trying to troll... And that you’re not actually that ignorant in reality. 😅
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VanillefuchsHobbyist Traditional Artist
The goddess of the war is no longer current, it was a misinterpretation. Protect and defend the arrows symbolizing. She has a temple called the house of the bee. The bee is associated with it because it also has a spike and is a protector. Duamutef and Neith was the protectors of the stomach from the Pharao.
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Solaria0423Hobbyist Digital Artist
You did an amazing job on her!!! I love the outfit!!!
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Yup!  Love her!
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armandstevenHobbyist Digital Artist
egyptians had great gods!!!
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angelmoongalStudent Traditional Artist
Loving all the Egyptian art. I love Egyptian culture!!
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Love her!
On a side note: Are you drawing or have drawn an Egyptian God or Goddess that controls time? I’m creating a comic book based on Egyptian Mythology and this will help me out big time!
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YliadeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!

Hmm...I never drew him but there is Heh, god of infinity and time but I don't know if he could control it :o 

There are certainly other gods related to time but it's the only one that comes to my mind ^^'
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Well I guess he’s going to able to control time in my comic! Thanks!

Hope you draw him soon!
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UnseemingStudent Traditional Artist
This is awesome, I think one of my fav's of yours!
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YliadeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ♥ I'm glad you like it ^-^
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this is very beautiful : )

war and weaving? ... well when she dresses the dead it  makes sense
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White people and their mythologies are the best. As usual.
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White people?? This is AFRIKAN MYTHOLOGY FOOL, you morons want credit for everything lol. Go read some greek stuff, how dare you try to contaminate and spoil my people's art & cultures, that's why people call you evil devils smh.

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You know the ancient Egyptians weren't one race, right? They were a mixed society of both black and white people.
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing ^^
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Great job overall! How were you able to draw this? Can you explain it to me so I can understand? Because I don't get it...the process I mean.

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