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Mut ~ Egyptian Gods

By Yliade
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Mut is the great mother goddess of EgyptShe is said to be the consort of Amun, and their son is the moon-god Khonsu.
She is a protecting goddess when she is dressed as a vulture and dangerous when she is represented with a lioness head.
(The word "mother" "mwt" in ancient Egyptian also meant vulture).

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These are all amazing!! I'll only comment on one so I don't flood you 😄 I love them all but Mut is my favorite
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warboarProfessional Traditional Artist
Beautiful work!

However, mwt doesn't mean "vulture." The terms A (which can also denote "a bird in general"), As (for a bald-headed vulture), and nrt mean "vulture."

The confusion comes from an outdated argument about the origins of the cult of Mut-as-distinct-Goddess-rather-than-title-of-many-Goddesses (a cultic phenomenon which does not appear before Dynasties 18 and 19) and a direct relation to/"emergence from" Nekhbet -- none of which have any basis in Afro-Asiatic linguistic or indeed historical cultic realities. 

The term mwt is often SPELLED with a vulture-sign, G14 -- this is a phonetic value only, however. The term mwt may ALSO be represented by other phonetic values, e.g. D52 (phallus sign, with the phonetic value of mw) + X1 (loaf, phonetic value t) with B1 (seated woman) appending the two as a determinative.
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driftwoodwolfHobbyist General Artist
I love the little particles in the sand, so magical and mysterious <3
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JeediiStudent General Artist
Great artwork! I like it very much:D
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DarkMindMikeHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love these so much
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I love the colors and composition!
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Charlene-ArtHobbyist General Artist
Wow this is beautifully designed
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Roxora419Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Each piece of your Egyptian gods series is beautiful, keep up the good work! Thumbs Up [F2U] 
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Absolutely gorgeous, good balance and creative use of relatively few colours, and the feathers, bird-crown, and sun-disk are wonderful. The golden eyes fit her so well. The dark dress makes for a good contrast with the light. 
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She is so beautiful. I love it 
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AndreNitroHobbyist Traditional Artist
the colors are so appealing, truly beautiful 
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Amethyst-PhoenixxHobbyist General Artist
The coloring and details are so gorgeous :love::love::love:
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RockmanGurlStudent General Artist
All of these Egyptian pieces are gorgeous! I love them all!
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WoodswallowHobbyist Traditional Artist
So gorgeous! I love the shapes and colours!!
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TyrantChimeraHobbyist General Artist
gorgeous colours! they really pop!
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Kyouken0w0Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work!
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Is it me, or do your gods and goddesses get better with every new entry made? (Hint: I don't think it's just me).
Lovely art of yours. Probably my favorite so far.
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Really love your lines and the choice of colours... Beautiful !
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TheDarkSkulllHobbyist Digital Artist
wow....so epic
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bloodykattty7777Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a beautiful work of art I love how colors blend in so well with the gold
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MariaTAlfonsoProfessional General Artist
Beautiful she looks so nice
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beautiful work.
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Good morning, Mut is beauty great mother goddess!!!.
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