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August 13, 2018
Bastet by Yliade
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Bastet ~ Egyptian Gods

Bastet, goddess of domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility...

Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U!  Adobe Illustrator Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U! 

All my Egyptian series :…

All rights reserved. You may not use, edit or redistribute this work in any way without my permission, thank you ♥

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© 2018 - 2021 Yliade
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So beautiful and gorgeous! All of them!

Bien aimée Bastis

Maîtresse des Foyers

Pourfends ce Mal qui assaille nos murs,

Ce serpent qui salit les Deux Terres

Comme tu pourfends Apophis.

Mère des mères et marraine des enfants,

Entends tu les cris des inocents,

Les pleurs de tes filles, les prières de tes fils.

Alors que les impis brisent tes images,

renversent tes autels, égorgent les fidèles,

Et démolissent le temple de Bubastis.

The Next God Ptah plisss

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truly a masterpiece


I truly enjoy your work here on Deviant. I am looking for an artist to who understands Magick and Egyptology to design our website logo, which can also be used for merchandise. Please let me know if available to discuss. Fr:.W:

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Amazing! I love it

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Glorious! As gorgeous as she is, I do like the alluring dark motifs to Bastet. Gives the feel of night and its passions, and works well for the nocturnal cats that she's associated with.
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Absolutely gorgeous!

Are you planning on having this piece in your shop for sale? I would love to have it!

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Thank you :)
I added her to the shop yesterday ^-^
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Nice Kitty Nice Egyptian Goddes Kitty.
My favourite Egyptian goddess, the lines and elegance of this drawing is really amazing.
Such a lovely take on the goddess!
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These pics are indeed lovely and amazing! Just an insanely good job!
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Aaaah! She is my favorite goddess! I've loved Ancient Egyptian mythology since I was very young, and I always admired her. I was even Bastet for halloween once, hehe. Anyway, this is très magnifique!
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The blacks and yellows mix together beautifully. Wonderful job!
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Your art style is awesome! I'm glad I found you on the Undiscovered page ^w^

great work!
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There's my girl.
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