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Anput ~ Egyptian Gods

By Yliade
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Anput is the Goddess of funerals and mummification. She is the wife of Anubis and shares many of his functions. The center of her cult was in Cynopolis ("City of the Dog"). 

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So beautiful. This whole series just blows me away.

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She's a beauty it makes sense how this goddess is the wife of Anubis.

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So pretty! I love how she looks kind of androgynous, but still feminine enough to be recognized as a woman. Very refreshing and beautiful. Keep it up :)

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Anupet and I have a torrid history together. She is... Potent.

One major point of criticism: One of Anput's classical symbols is a pair of daggers/knives. It really would have suited this image well to include them in some capacity. It is otherwise a gorgeous work.

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hi! i fell in love with your anput art (the other egyptian and greek gods are gorge too) at first sight and i would like to use it as my profile picture an amino. would you be okaye with that? i woul credit you properly and add that nobody can use the drawing without your permission. love, rakka.

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Why Anubis is allways the bad guys in fictions, he's a god guy who help Isis to save Osiris... 
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Beautiful! i love Egyptian art Anubis is my fav.

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Hi! Is it possible to buy your art? I would love to print it. Thank you! 
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I don't sell the digital file but I have a shop : www.etsy.com/fr/shop/Yliade
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She is gorgeous. :D The shadows compliment the brilliance of the colors. ^_^
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You're welcome. :D
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It looks so beautiful! 🐶❤️
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Really beautiful work of Anubis's obscure wife (sadly so is most of the Egyptian mythos not well preserved like a lot of the other myths).
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where do you find all these information on Egyptian deities? i think i read somewhere that Anput is kinda like Anubis's female version and is one of many examples of transgenderism? that was wikipedia i think so it's not credible but still. 

would you recommend anything when learning egyptian myths? 
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I can see why Anubis fell for her! 
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I really like the colour scheme here.
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I thought this was a rather effeminate looking Anubis before I read the description. Good work and great to see someone draw this usually forgotten Egyptian goddess.
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