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Sera Myu Sailor Saturn

Here is the first in my Sera Myu Sailor Senshi series.
Sailor Saturn.
Stangely... Saturn was the first pic, and she is my fav.
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I love the song "to a brand-new world" >w< awesome artwork :love:
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Saturn was always my favorite senshi. You did her good^_^
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you're very welcome<3
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reminds me of "To A Brand-New World". Great job!
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That's veyr beautiful, dear!! :heart:
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You're welcome, dear! :heart:
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i like your drawing, especially the boots i can tell those took a long time
...i know this is random but its been driving me crazy, what was sailor saturns real name
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thanks for the comment
Sailor Saturn's name is Hotaru Tomoe... and i dont know what they called her in the dub...

and... your signature.... have you really never tried smoking pot?
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now that you've drawn all the sailor scouts and their planets you need to draw tuxedo mask and earth. because i remmeber in one episode it talks about him being the prince of earth^_^ lol.
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i'm not a fan of his... and these pics were done years ago...
so the chances of me doing one are slim to none...
i mean... he's soooo lame!

thanks for the comment none the less
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Yeah, Saturn kicks all other scouts butt....she rocks
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glad yu like this pic :)
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Sailor Saturn is my second favorite. ^_^

Anyway, I just can't get over how much I love your Sera Myo drawings. I'm going to try and add them all to my favorites because I'm a dork like that. ^-^
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yeah i know about her costume.
sadly i was drawing this pic at work one day, and i tried to remember the costume by memory.
i have plans for a second sermyu series of pics, so this will be redone at some point.
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Actually, Saturn has her ORIGINAL sleeves in Myu, and a golden thinger of her crystal broach, and her bows are black (why black?? oo) But, very nice regardless =D (Big Grin)
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My fav too. Very pretty ^__^
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