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Sera Myu Sailor Jupiter

Last in my Sera Myu series for now.
I love how Jupiter's colors turned out.
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You know you're prohibited from selling your fanart for money right? Selling a print of fanart is copyright infringement.
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I thought I had removed them all :P
thanks for letting me know about this
I had three that I needed to remove
good thing you noticed :)
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can i use this desine if i give credit
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you are quite welcome
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That's very pretty!! :heart:
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You're welcome, dear!
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Love the facial expression and the pose. ^-^ Coloring's great too. ^.^
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Cool background and great coloring!
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i agree that the backgrounds are little plain...
but i hate doing backgrounds... so until i have a little bit more patience... this is the best that i will do :) (Smile)
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You do Sailor Moon art very well. I think the black space could have some stars or a bit of color to make it more lively.
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Pretty.. gee... all my comments on these are lame, but I really like them... ^__^
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