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Sera Myu Sailor Chibimoon

well... here is the last of my Sera Myu series.
i don't like chibimoon... but i do like this pic.
very pretty.
i love pink, and this costume has lots of that.
the costume in my pic is not exactly like the actual sera myu costume... but close enough
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Why don't you like Chibimoon??
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she annoys the ever-loving crap out of me
especially the horrible horrible sugar dub voice
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so cute . great job
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you are quite welcome
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i like ur add ons to the costume, makes it look much better than the origional ^^
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this is an old old old old piece of art
i dont even remember what or why i added anything
ykansaki's avatar
thanx :D
and thanx for the fav too!
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Cute pose, and nice coloring! !! ^__^
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that looks great.
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how could you not like chibimoon?!? ^_^ shes so cute.. this pic is great..

i agree with the others, her pose is good and the moon behind her makes it completeish.. heh..
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Wow! What an awesome pose ^.^ You're so good at poses...that's my weak point! I love the way you portray ChibiMoon...she's so cute! ^.^ Great job coloring, looks awesome. I like the moon behind her, too--it gives the pic a nice complete feel ^.^ Great work! I love it!
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^_^ It may not be the exact costume seen on the show, but in this instance, it's quite all right. You did a lovely job, and now I'm going to have to go peek at the others. ^_^

~~Gives coffee.~~ c(^_^)
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wow pretty color! :D (Big Grin) Hug
ykansaki's avatar
um... it is colored pencils....
:D (Big Grin)
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Thats pretty nice I like the soft coloring looks like colored pencil
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Neato! She's standing in space! Me like the pose a lot.
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