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Hello!! My commission info has since been migrated here!:
Commission Info and TOS - OPENHi guys! I updated my commission information and terms of service! You can now find everything here:
YixxiePie's Commissions
Though more examples can still be found here:
Gallery | More Examples <3 | Open YCHs
And my waitlist:
Progress Trello
Thanks so much for looking ; w ; I hope to take on lots of new opportunities in the future! <3
I've been so grateful of everyone, new and old followers and friends alike. Thanks for letting me do what I do!
Feel free to note me any inquiries!
Current Commission Statuses:
Normal commissions (you are here) - OPEN

Please note me if you're interested in anything below and we will discuss from there <3 I may be slow to reply, my apologies in advance
If you're seeing this from Twitter just shoot me a DM

Waitlist: Commissions Slots (OPEN)


Payment and Refunds

✦ I require full payment before starting a commission via PayPal invoice (for security | discouraging scammers) So please be ready to provide your email.
✦ Payment via PayPal must be USD. Please take currency conversions into account beforehand!
I do not offer refunds once payment is accepted. You know what you are getting into when commissioning an artist and I ask that you respect this is currently my only source of income. 
✦ If for whatever reason I choose to cancel the commission on my part, I will provide a full refund.
✦ I do not take points for non YCH work unless specifically stated
✦ I reserve the right to increase my prices for highly-detailed designs.
I DO NOT WORK WITH VAGUE/TEXT ONLY DESCRIPTIONS. I REQUIRE PHOTO EXAMPLES OR I WILL NOT ATTEMPT AS I AM NOT A MIND READER. Please be prepared with your information to make the transaction as smooth as possible.
✦ Please do not expect a picture perfect copy of your vision. When commissioning me, you are accepting my vision as well. I will happily work closely with you to deliver a satisfactory product but please do not work me to the bone.


✦ I have the right to decline any commission offer if I am uncomfortable with the subject material or feel 
I am too inexperienced to offer a quality product. This may be immediate or may come after working on it for a time. As stated above, if I have begun progress and choose to cancel, I will refund in full.
✦ If I do decide I am not experienced enough to offer a quality product/are uncomfortable with certain themes I do not care if this upsets or offends you. I'm a hobbyist just trying my best and trying to scratch up cash for daily needs. I am absolutely within my right to work with things I am confident I can do. If I had the time to work on my weaknesses then I would have been already. You agree to this when commissioning me. 
✦ I will offer one progress shot of the finished sketch. You must request these beforehand and ONLY then may you ask for any minor changes. Changes will not be made after coloring begins. (Color tweaks are allowed) 
✦ Depending on my circumstances and priorities both in life and online, the time it may take to finish a commission may vary from days, to weeks, to even months. I will update you on any circumstantial changes, please do NOT pester me asking for updates on status, completion time, etc outside the optional progress shot. I have the right to cancel and issue a refund in the event you are too pushy or demanding as it stresses me out and is plain bad etiquette
✦ Please understand this is just a hobby. I am a student and on occasion work a part time job and have other priorities on the side- do not assume my posting personal art/projects means I have forgotten you. Art is also a way I unwind, I am allowed to take breaks to draw for myself the same way one might read or watch TV after a long day.
✦ I produce my best work when motivated. If I am unmotivated I will NOT work on your commission- I do not charge money for less than my best! This means they take longer than my personal art.

Copyright and Use

✦ By commissioning me and agreeing to my terms of service, you are agreeing to me being able to use and post your commission publicly on my profiles as well as use in portfolios.
✦ I retain copyright to my work
✦ Do not claim to have made or redistribute my work. 
✦ Do not sell or make profit off of my work.
✦ Leave my signature intact on all of my work. 
✦ You may repost your commission on your profile, gallery, group, or offsite with proper credit and link to my profile.

Will draw:

• Animals/Ferals
• Anthro/Bipedal (And yes Furry-esque) animals
• Humans/Humanoid creatures (A little rough)
• Chibi-esque

Will not/can't (lol) draw:

• Overly Complicated designs (May be able to but price will vary)
• Armor/machinery/weaponry beyond very simple/minimal things
• Detailed Backgrounds/Scenarios (For all of you writers out there, please understand I can't see whats in your head e __ e)
• NSFW (Gore or sensitive subject matters such as substances can be acceptable, but I do not draw lewd material.)
• Very detailed or defined anatomy/things on the extreme ends of the spectrum. Both muscle and other bodily mass alike. What you see is what you get from me, I’m not an art major guys. If you aren't commissioning me for my style.... why even are you?



• Sketch - $10
• Lineart - $15  
• Flat Color - $20 
• Fully Rendered - $25 
• Backsplash - $30

Waist Up

• Sketch - $20
• Lineart - $25  
• Flat Color - $30 
• Fully Rendered - $35 
• Backsplash - $40

Full Body

• Sketch - $30
• Lineart - $35
• Flat Color - $40 
• Fully Rendered - $45 
• Backsplash - $50

• Additional Characters +75% price per character on all (unless separated)


• 50x50 (Icon) - $15
• Small (100-200px) - $20
• Big Pixel - (300px+) - $25
• Shading (when applicable) - +$5

Emotes || Inventory/Item Art

Emotes: For any use! Twitch, Discord, etc. Can be any size, can be scaled to any resolution. For now they will only be STATIC! Please keep in mind emotes are SMALL and will need to be simple in order to distinguish.
Items: For any use! RPG, Tabletop games, DnD, etc! Any pixel/size dimensions! Prices vary by what you're going for. I can do clothing, items, anything your character would have on them. Tentative on machinery/weapons though!
• Lineart - $10
• Flat Colored - $15
• More definition/Shading - $20
• + Complexity fee depending on the item! + $1-5

Character Reference Sheets

Will always be FLAT colored and include a minimum of two fullbody poses
• Front | Back Reference - $60
• + Any Additional Fullbody Pose/Variation - $30 Each
• + Small Additions (Expressions/Headshots/Variations) - $10 Each
• + Minor Additions/Extras (Small details that you would like to include) +$5 Each
• + Text-based information - Free!

Character Designs/Customs (CS and non CS)

I've had inquiries about these before for a plethora of things. Irkens, pokemon/Glowchus, as well as various CS and I love doing them ; v ;
Please note these will always be flat colored as references should be! That would make the starting price $40 minimum. I have no true set prices on these at the moment, but please feel free to note me with any questions! I'd love to get more examples of design work under my belt! <3

And here are some examples of some of the things listed above (Will eventually be updated or replaced with a more legitimate portfolio of sorts):

Examples <3 | Gallery | OPEN YCHs

A reminder you can specify specific things you'd like with your commission, it also helps to link from my examples for things you'd like incorporated!

I do a variety of things with my lines as well as shading so it always helps to know if there's a look in particular you're after!

Things to specify when ordering:

-Cel + Soft Combo
-Accent light

If you so choose, I am open to USD bribes for overnight or "express" commissions, which depends on my circumstances and what you offer. I will not always be able to do these (It's rare if at all) But if it's worth it for me in the long run I'd be willing to prioritize it. These will be done within a few hours-a few days from the initial order.

Feel free to ask about anything not listed under any section, it is quite vague. This entire journal will be updated regularly so don't be afraid to check back.
If you are not sure about the price of something, feel free to inquiry about rates. Simple comment below with a visual reference and clear description of what you want (Or state artistic liberty otherwise) and I'll get back to you asap on pricing!

© 2018 - 2021 YixxiePie
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Candy-Ooze's avatar
How much would CS MYO designs cost? Like for pacapillars and such?
YixxiePie's avatar
Oh! I’ve never been asked that before, I’d be honored to help with a design ; v ;
I guess it would depend on the species and how complex it is, for example an uncommon Paca would be cheaper than a super rare mutated Paca with wings/pincers/etc

I think for a mid-range design I’d charge about 30! And you can have full range of what you’d want me to include within your MYOs tier from traits to colors if you’d like to make this more of a custom type deal ^^
Candy-Ooze's avatar
Alright! I may come back!
YixxiePie's avatar
Great, just let me know what you decide ^^
ZeoSpark16's avatar
Curious if you can make glowchus based off other ocs?
YixxiePie's avatar
I could 100% design glowchu versions of OCs if you’d like!
ZeoSpark16's avatar
Nice! Wondering if it was possible to have one based off of this oc. And it'd be cool if he had like a dark blue glowing tongue

Comm: Lucario OC by Hedgey  
YixxiePie's avatar
I could do that for sure ^^ Aside from the tongue do you have any other specific traits you’d like or am I free to work straight off of that image?

And there would be no extra fee for this specific design since I’m working off of a reference ; v ; in case you were wondering! I only charge extra for designing things from scratch. Other than that, how would you like this guy drawn? 
ZeoSpark16's avatar
Well you can work straight from the image (and if you want to add like special features like some coloring to the tail go right ahead lol though I would like his paw pads to be dark blue as well). And you mean how I want him drawn you mean commission style right? Then fullbody flat
YixxiePie's avatar
Perfection, since I’m discounting things this month you’ll only be paying $34, you can send the first half to moonpiekitty@gmail.com and I’ll begin work right away! I’ll note you with a work in progress shot as well so you can tell me what you think before I finish it up!
ZeoSpark16's avatar
Cool. I'll make sure to do it in the morning as it's pretty late where I am and I need to make sure my money is good (pretty sure it is since I recently returned a defective tablet lol)
YixxiePie's avatar
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Pikacshu's avatar
what is Backsplash?
YixxiePie's avatar
Basically the little things I do behind a character. Sometimes shadows or shapes or any other type of pattern. I have some examples here 
Papa Pyro by YixxiePie   [RH] - Secret Santa 2017 Adel by YixxiePie   Waif by YixxiePie   AT with wife by YixxiePie   It's just cherries, cherries by YixxiePie  
I offer it just so there’s more to look at since I know most people may prefer more to an image so it’s a quick little thing Ive sort of incorporated into my style that I began to offer for comms since at the moment I don’t do legitimate backgrounds. I’m also able to provide the piece both with and without the backsplash to those who order it. The designs above are very minimal but can pretty much be anything within reason.
SkittyKittyCat's avatar
One day I swear I’ll commission you //shakes fist
YixxiePie's avatar
//weeps Skitty you angel
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