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- Kirindi's Hivemind -

Source : AvP
Characters : Kirindi
Setting : Beast Nebula
Story : Silence
Backdrop : Line art from a few years ago that I finally got around to throwing some colors on.

Kirindi tends to make little rag dolls of people within her hivemind; dad's missing because in the original concept, he was in the hivetexture bg to egg that I scrapped cause it didn't look well. Kirindi doesn't think of him as being in her hivemind as much as she thinks of herself as being in his hivemind, where she manages the subdivisions.

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Best alien type character ever 🥺 I love her design so muchhh 😭😭❤️

Anonimosx's avatar

I really hope to see more pictures of yours about Kirindi.

Yiuokami's avatar

Sorry to disappoint, the only certainty I can give is that it won't be anything soon that I work on this story again, and so, no images.

Anonimosx's avatar

Oh. Well, then...when you feel ready to do it again, let me know it.

Anonimosx's avatar

She is so beautiful. Right now, Kirindi is my new favourite hybrid.

Burke23's avatar
This is very beautiful
Yu-Gi-Nos's avatar
1: This is an AWESOME artwork! I love it :)

2: Your Kirindi Character is the BEST looking Human-Xenomorph hybrid I've ever seen (I know, I've looked). Wish she was in a comic/movie/cartoon series!
Fiji-Fujii's avatar
I don't think I'll ever be able to express how much your eye for detail amazes me. It's just, how can you be patient enough to create something so beautifully detailed? It's way beyond me because I'm impatient as f*ck. :XD:
Anyway, as usual, I can't really tell you any news other than that your art is beautiful, and I can totally imagine something like this hanging on the wall above my couch. :nod: And it is nice to see Kirindi again. Her face looks somewhat mature compared to the older artworks you did of her. Not sure if that's on purpose, though.
Yiuokami's avatar
That might because lately I've been drawing eyes in general less big, my style's a bit different now.
Fiji-Fujii's avatar
I've noticed, I just wasn't sure whether this change was something you did on purpose or not. :XD:
meanietrooper's avatar
Be glad she isn't one of the black ones
meanietrooper's avatar
She must have a lot of spare time to make those
Yiuokami's avatar
They actually don't take a lot of time to make, they're pretty scrappy. 
Pretty cool. Kirindi really is a one of a kind.
47ness's avatar
Freaky but awesome hybridization of cute/grotesque. I like the cosmic dust flowing through the ribs (seems an apt aesthetic for 'Beast Nebula') :)
Yiuokami's avatar
That's exactly what I was going for :)
wayne234's avatar
Haven't seen Kirindi in years.  I loved that OC.  Thanks for bringing her back.  :D
Yiuokami's avatar
I'll try drawing her more often, I kinda miss my ocs. I've never really left the AvP fandom but did put it in limbo for a while to focus on other stuff, going to try learning to distribute attention now.
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