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Mystic Maya: Magician of Neo Olde Tokyo

Maya: "Trucy, now that Apollo is gone, who's going to be your assistant on your private new year magic show?"
Trucy: "Oh, Miss Fey... I have asked Ath..."
Maya: "I know! How about I be your assistant? You can call me Maya!"
Trucy: "I appreciate your offer, but..."
Maya: "I can prove that I'm the perfect candidate for that!"
Trucy: "Ah! My hat... !"
Maya: "I'm Mystic Maya, Magician of Neo Olde Tokyo! And I'm gonna catch all the bad guys! For great justice!"

Trucy: "..."
Athena: "..."
Pheonix: "..."
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it's as if the pink princess is not enough and now we have maya being the magician as herself saving neo olde tokyo from Mr Reus the evil magician..........good work btw.
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Thank you! The Pink Princess in Little Olde Tokyo... I can't believe I totally forgot about her!
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it would be funny that in SoJ they at least brought up pink princess.
I mena Maya was the friggin inspiration for the creepy Sam Manella who directed it after the steel samurai got cancelled......then uncancelled i think? was it? nah.

and yes, that was good artwork on your part, m8.
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Phoenix: "Maya, aren't you getting a little too old for that?"
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Maya: "Of course not Nick"
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