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Bionicle - Nokama

5K Views'll never guess what my latest somewhat-obsession is...


My friend :iconpurplepanther101: and I recently watched the first "Bionicle" movie. It was SUCH a quality film. It was basically Lord of the Rings if Frodo was a dick.

And...yeah, I know this has been done before. But I've had this idea in my head for a really long time and decided to get it out.

This is Nokama, from the second Bionicle film. I wanted her outfit to be sort of a mix between fantasy/magic and technology...but it didn't turn out as mystical as I wanted it to. There's plenty of time to fix that later C:

EDIT: go see the new, updated Nokama you fat awesome winners --> [link]
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I like Nokama like this as a human.
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I first thought it was some kind of humanized Luna because of the colors ^^'
I guess it was just a coincidence x)
Great concept art ^^
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Well you should know that Nokama's VA did her as well.
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Did you hear Bionicle is returning next year?! so excited!!
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She looks awesome!!!
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Well, this is an interesting concept of Nokama.
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That looks exactly like how I would have pictured Nokama as a human, awesome! :D
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Vakama: *stands in shock* 

Onewa: Whoa.

Matau: *faints*

Nuju: *eyepiece breaks*

Whenua: Nokama, youre...


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But I especially love your take on Nokama, here. :3
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Keine probleme!
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I want to see humanized Hero factory characters
Snowy-Aegis's avatar
 Want to see Hero Factory characters burn in hell.
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that is so cool C:
you should do other inanimet type things humanized....what exactly i do not
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looks like a good "sacrifice to the gods" outfit to me! <3
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