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Mechanical Iris



This is a photo of the drawing since my scanner ate most of the pencile lines no matter how sensitive the settings. This is a drawing i haven't had time jet to try in practice so let me know if i made a mistake somewhere if you should make one.

Anyway! Since i couldend find any descend drawings on the net and a lot of other people where looking for one to i tought i just post it. Since some of those numerous forum threads helped me get some usefull bits of information to begin with.

If you should try to make it you got to know it is compose out of three different basic parts.
-> The base plate; which has, in the drawing 16, holes in which the blades are positioned.
-> The Blades; which open and close the iris.
-> The Actuating Ring; is the part that is moved to open and close the iris. It has an elongated opening that functions as a guide rail to move the blades. NOTE!!!; I'm not sure if these openings should be straight or curved. But i've drawn both of them just for good mesure.

I've added points marked with letters of the alphabet (A-L) to make it easyer to find out how to design one yourself. Especialy since there are a number of different way's of constructing a mechanical iris.

The "?!" is needed for knowing where the inside line of the blade conects to the axel in the open position.

The diferent concentric cirkels in the center of the drawing are based on the measures of those used for the 16 axel holes.

If someone has more questions about them i'm more than happy to help.

Edit 7/12/06:

After some more contemplation on the subject of the shape of the rail in the actuation ring i think that the best shape is a straight line between the inner and outer position of the sliding axel.

The longer the sliding rail the longer it will take to close but also it will be more powerfull in its motion.
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Cool, I was looking for one of these diagrams.