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Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

By yinza
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I don't care what some people have been saying about The Last Jedi, the next time they do a more up to date 'Greatest Moments in Star Wars' countdown, you just know moments from the film are going to make the cut. Especially a certain moment that this fabulous lady is responsible for. You know the scene I mean ;)
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Yes, that scene. Any "greatest moments" list that doesn't include that is either outdated or lying, for sure.
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Nice work with this self-portrait; I like how you colored it. :thumbsup:
And Holdo's sacrifice to cripple the First Order's air force was the most stunning scene in the film.
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Thank you! I aspire to be Holdo when I grow up. =)
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Just watched this movie and her last scene was... WOW! All the cinema went silent! :clap: So cool! :D

Your work is so good as always! :la: I love the brush strokes and the way in which you painted both her skin and her lovely hair! :heart:
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Thank you!

And yeah, what an incredible moment! I don't even think I breathed, I was just sitting there with my mouth open lol.
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