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Toko - Field Trip Part II

By yinza

I actually really like drawing the old gaang.
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That moment you realize that there the only ones who are still alive *sobs in corner*
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I wonder about Suki tho.
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Awesome love this.
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Yup, Toph's still Toph. I bet she does tease them like this.
Toph's favourite hobby, making everyone else squirm ^_^  Great moment.
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Haha, it really is. =D Thanks!
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SHIP THIS XD, whyyyy couldn't I get that pairing. I'd take it even when they're old and grey:3
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This is the one Zuko pairing that I'd actually approve of. Zuko and Toph are really an awesome pair...the whole Zutara pairing was just a fanmade thing that had me confused. As for Zuko and Mai in the definitely felt a little forced.
Great work on this comic, it's great :D
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Zuko x Toph is just as if not more fanmade.
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Even so, their "relationship" would be a little more natural to me. Well, in my opinion anyways :)
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Would be just as unnatural since he had just as much interaction with both of them. He never showed interest in either of them. Some people see his interaction with Katara was "belligerent sexual tension"...which is wasn't. As for his interactions with Toph... well she was just too young at the time he knew her. Though it could be seen as her friendliness towards him was like a little girl's crush on a teenage boy.
Either way, I could see her flirting with him as adults but never them as a couple. Zuko seems to have a thing for "chill" girls. Like Mai when she's not being a bitch. 
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I'm pretty chill with all of them, but this is the only one I have shippy feelings about lol.

Thanks! =3
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Of course! Tis awesome after all :aww:
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i ship it so much!!! TOKO!!! XD

i need more TOKO!!! ToT
yinza's avatar
Absolutely. =)
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Toph would be in charge of the relationship ;p She'd probably give Lin and Suyin a new sister ;p
yinza's avatar
They could be sisters with Izumi! =)
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