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Princess Zuko Haircuts

By yinza

Experimenting with different hairstyles!
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what would rule 63 Azula look like?
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idk but I'm sure at least several someones have done it!
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I'm just wondering cause this is a really good rule 63 Zuko u did cause it's not just "Zuko now with long hair going down the back"...cause rule 63s are like that and this one isn't which is kinda nice cause it looks different but the hair style kinda looks familiar to Zuko's s3 hair
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I was actually going for modern hairstyles here and not anything in-universe... I think a boy!Azula (Azulon I suppose) would still have basically the same hairstyle as canon!Azula, since long hair is the norm for Fire Nation men, too. He just might not have the bangs? Or the lipstick.