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LoK - Scars

By yinza

More like you had to hide your poor makeup skills.

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moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Thank you, Lord Zuko. :)
guny666's avatar
zuko: shut the fuck, you ain't shit.
ArticWolfClaw's avatar
You don't have the right to complain about you bacon face, Amon. Not when zuko had to go through all that shit to get his
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
:lmao: I love this! You teach him a lesson, Zuko!
Spike-McFinn's avatar
You tell him, Zuko!
x-Ink-Black-Heart-x's avatar
Zuko ain't havin' none o' that s&^(&^!!! lol
Some people just have less of a right to bitch and complain about their lot in life than others do.
yinza's avatar
Especially when your lot in life is just a total lie.
Grinux's avatar
Me siento culpable por reirme tanto!
I feel bad cuz I'm laughing! 
I love it! 
yinza's avatar
I think Amon deserves to be laughed at. =)
Grinux's avatar
Maybe xD Zuko is the lord of scars... :v just him
herostalker's avatar
I don't know he did manage to fake missing some lip.
yinza's avatar
But his face looks like bacon?? Also he did not use waterproof makeup. As a waterbender you think he'd know better.
herostalker's avatar
Well they had to exspose the lies eventually.
Sl9086's avatar
Altrough i am not exactly into Avatar, im aware of the basics of AMon and Zuko. And seeing the picture, my one comment i have to say as a respponse to the picture is: ....THIS SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED, VERY GOOD
Great draw you made there.
yinza's avatar
Yes, yes it should have. =D

Sl9086's avatar
You are welcome there.
kabukiaku's avatar
Zuko you are the man 🙌🏼
yinza's avatar
At long last Zuko's learned to make good life choices.

Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Heh, this is excellent.
yinza's avatar
Zuko's just like "fecking kids these days. Get your own damn tragic backstory."
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