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Korrasami Kisses

By yinza

I am still screaming on the inside.

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© 2014 - 2021 yinza
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that looks so cute and good

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Okay. The lighting in this, its perfect!!!!!
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Thank you! I'm still pleased with it even nearly 4 years later. =)
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The same ! I still screaming on the inside *o*
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I'm so glad they made this cannon I can finally ship a same sex cupple that's actually real. Plus it's awesome to have the same sexuality as your favorite characters (I'm bi ) it makes them more relatable 
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Yeah, definitely. It had a lot more of an impact on me than I thought it could. It was just very validating to see two women actually end up together. =)
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This is absolutely gorgeous!  Love the pairing, love the artwork. 
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So beautiful art... :O :) 
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I don't really ship this ship, but this is incredible art.
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Beautifulldy done!
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Thank you! =)
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You know, its not been that long since Korra ended, but already my memory was tricking me into thinking they actually kissed. And then  i remembered they didn't.
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Probably because it felt like they were going to. I remember holding my breath the first time I watched it, wondering if it was really going to happen.
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i was hoping they do that too.
So am I, so am I
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Love this colors in this - beautiful!  =)
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