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FFX-2 - Lulu

By yinza

Re-using her FFX character model was such a cop-out.
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They were just lazy. 
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This looks so gentle and soft, I love it. ♥ ♥ 
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I've wanted to see something like this ever since FFX-2 came out.
Very beautiful <3 and I love how you've (somehow) converted her outfit into maternity garb!
You're right about Squenix being too lazy to change her character model... They really half-assed that game.
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You think while they were designing like 20 outfits each for the main girls, they could have taken a day to design 1 for Lulu......

Thanks though!
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Yes, and Square Enix had 3 chances to get it right. Incredibly disappointed they didn't.

I love your design!!
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Yeah, I guess they could've fixed it in the international or remaster, huh?

Thanks though! =)
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the beauty that is life, Wakka would be proud :nod:
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Right? It would have been great to see him doting on her in the game and have her actually look the part.
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