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Heroes of the storm: Into the war



My entry for Heroes of the Storm Art Contest, It is pleased that Bilzzard and Deviantart give us a great opportunity to paint heroes and game which I love. I enjoy the entire process of painting, also it is my first time to paint many heroes to fight with each other, hope everyone like it. 

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When you see humans on Horde, they are literally bandits.

But orcs in Alliance are bulky paladins in golden armor.


If humans were evil and orcs good, their species would be so much better off.

Hell, same for gnomes and forsaken. Those 2 even have better motivation, gnomes are unhinged and undead have seen Hell.

Imagine human blackguards, dwarf engineers, and gnome mages vs orc paladins, undead maverick rogues, elf inquisitors. Or something along those lines.

Would be both more original and fun. Refreshing too. And not illogical, not that blizzard and fams know that word.