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     In a small village called the village of wonders, lived a girl named Dawn, she was young at the time and innocent. She was special, because she was from a special clan, called the Tsubasa Clan. This clan was a really powerful clan with lots of people in it, but Dawn belonged to a certain part of the family. She belonged to the head family, the one who ruled the Tsubasa clan, her grandpas family. Now you may ask where her parents are, so ill give you a straight answer to sum it up. Her mom died giving birth to her and her twin brother, cam. And her dad ? She never knew him. Her grandpa however used to be alive but died in the war againts the demons. What is the war againts the demons you ask? ohoh your in for a story.

      It all started when Dawn and her brothers were picking flowers in the meadows and they saw smoke. They rushed to the village and saw that it was on fire..villagers slaughtered and burnt. It was not a sight for a child. Worry filled the children's head as they rushed to the Head House to see whats going on but when they got there, their grandfather was lying there, injured with red spurting from wounds. There, was a boy standing over him looking over to the children with an insane smile. He held his red stained sword.
    "Ah, so you are the beauty, Dawn Tsubasa?" he asked the girl and she nodded in response.
      "come with me so i may make you my future bride." His red eyes glowed with infatuation as he stood above the girl. Dawn's older brother, Mitachyo took her and cam by the hands and ran away from the boy. But he followed after them  determined to catch dawn.
    Mitachyo stopped for a breath but the boy caught up and stabbed him.
       "come my love, forget them and come stay with me! I can give you anything!" he exclaimed. Dawns eyes were filled with fear as she backed away and ran with Cam in her hand. Then they came to a spot where the boy casted some weired magic causing Cam to be sealed inside a tree. Dawn kept runnin untill he caught up with her.
     "stop running... i can keep you safe! you'll never have to fear anything again! we can be together! you and me? of course you dont really have a choice since you cannot deny i, Hiato the demon prince!" He chuckled to himself not realising Dawn got lose and ran off.
    Dawn ran untill she saw the beach to the ocean. And behind her raced Hiato. She had no choice but to swim. There is a burden that the Tsubasa Clan keeps....they are mythological creatures of different kinds, but for Dawn, she was a mermaid.

     Anyway Dawn jumped into the ocean and swam away. untill she reached the freezing oceans. it became so cold that her body froze. and she was stuck in time.

     it is predicted that in newer times she will awaken as a kid, but she will still remember what happened, who did this to her... and who caused her to have PTSD for the rest of her life....

intresting facts:

thumbs up if you want slender to be her dad cuz thats what i originally intended to do

shes about a few thousand years old

she is intended to be in a young 16-18 year old body.

she awakens right after jeff becomes a creepypasta (thumbs up to you creator of jeff)

I originally intended to ship her with toby but i dont know if the creator of Ticci Toby and fans would like that.

The prophecy tells that her bane, Mitachyo will awaken too and try to find Dawn and Marry her.
These are the prices for commisions.

Single figure: 50 points 

Multiple figures: 100 points

Figure with background:150 points

Chibi figure: 50 points

Manga strip : 300 points

temporary: these might takes weeks or months because after i move in a week, i wont have internet.
Name: Hiato
Age: 100000
gender: male
Blood type: no blood
family: Satan (father) no mother, lucifer (brother), Yuki No Mai (sister, my other oc)
love intrest: Dawn Tsubasa
Type: Yandere, Sadistic, phsychotic

other info: his powers are unknown, the only ones really shown are, hypnotism, manipulation, invisibility, transformation and chaos.
Name: Dawn Tsubasa

Age: 12 (genin), 15 (chunin), 20 (hokage)

Blood type: AB

Special Jutsu/ Kekkei genkai: sharingan (in right eye, implanted) byakugan (left eye), 100 Healings seal.

Family: Kito Hyuga-Tsubasa(father, deseased), Mita Tsubasa (mother, deseased), Hyruen Tsubasa (grandpa, deseased), Mitachyo Tsubasa (older brother, Deseased), Cameron Tsubasa (twin brother, missing).

Jutsu: Strength of 100 seal (or in other words, 100 healings jutsu). Summoning jutsu: katsuyu. Healing jutsu. Chakra enhanced strength, Gentle fist techniques (all). Slug sage mode. Chakra scalpel Jutsu. Rasengan. Ameterasu. Susanoo (up to full susanoo). Cherry blossom clash. Paradise pure heaven fist, Bijuu mode, beast chakra mode, kyuubi mode.