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Suki Dakara

By Yinamon

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I really put my heart into this piece and almost died adding/colouring the details. X _X But it was fun nonetheless. 8D

Tools: Photoshop, SAI, Aiptek tablet
Time: Uhn.. stopped to count...
Music: TVXQ, Ghibli...

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I LIKE THAT... :iconloveloveplz:
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really i love it! how did you make that? for me it looks like waterpainting
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Oh it's painted using the program called "Easy Paint tool SAI" :)
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amazing... i use this programm but i never painted so! maybe because i don't try new thins... what do you use so you can paint like that?
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I usually start sketching my idea first. Then add a clean lineart and start adding the colours. I used to use tons of layers for the details, now I just work on one. I have a set of fixed brushes, like the ones for lineart, the ones for the colours, the ones for the details etc. You need to try out different settings for the brushes, increase and lower certain settings and see what suits your style best. SAI is a lot smoother than Photoshop or painter which is why I just love the program XD
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you'r good! i tried once to paint on one layer and that was a interesting experiment, but to paint with more layers is easier to do. but now i see more than then, that i need to try more brushes and different settings.
and your right, SAI is way much smoother than PS or Painter. AND it's easier to understand
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This is a good picture. Who are the characters?
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his hair is simply striking . . .
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MeMeMe! I'm so cute and Damasco is really sexy...
I love this pic, it was my wallpaper for some weeks. <3
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aww sweet♥
ragnarok n_n
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the colors are amazing! wow :wow:
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great work *_*
I love your color style ♥
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O ___O woaaah, du bist auch hier! 8wer ist es eigentlich nicht xD muss dich mal gleich watchen und dan für den kommi <3
demoniacalchild's avatar
Oo jap bin auch hier xDDD
fast lieber als auf mexx ^^°
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good job on this
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