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Thor: Lady Loki II

kkay, last Lady Loki post! Thank you for all the lovely comments in the previous deviation. <3333 You all give me confidence for my Loki loki cosplay haha. I realized I didn't post any full-body shots XD;;;


Lady Loki: :iconyinami:
Photographer: :iconkiwira:
Photo edits and adjustments done by me

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Hey I want to make a Loki cosplay, too. And I really like to know how did you make the horns?
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you look awesome, by the way!
wow! amazing cosplay!
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Hot hot hot. :la:
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i have made a lady loki page on facebook. my i use your pics on it??? i will link you and credit you
Kokoa-Hime's avatar
OMG is awesome! You made it? *0*
AsymmetricalDisaster's avatar
OMG!!! This has to be my favorite Lady Loki Cosplay. I am putting together a costume right now and I was wondering how you got the horns? 
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Sooo cute and pretty QAQ I love this lady loki cosplay!! It's in my opinion, more modern and a different take on the traditional marvel comic lady loki <33 I'm planning to make my own this summer QwQ dunno how it'll turn out.... anyways, love this cosplay!!!
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aww thank you a lot! I'm glad to hear that. It means a lot to me :hug:
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waitt, are you asian? You look so european in this photo <33 QAQ When I saw this I was like damn it, if only I was european... I'm asian and I'm nervous that if I cosplay as her, it would look awkward >_< Your other photos are amazing as well! OuOb
yinami's avatar
Ahaha, I'm a Euroasian so I can be quite flexible with my facial structure. It's a matter of makeup. Try following western mags with makeup tutorials rather than Japanese ones. Avoid falsies that look "kawaii" if you get my drift. Thanks nonetheless!
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thank you very much!
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Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!! I hope you don't mind if I ask, but did you make this costume? I'm trying to make my own Lady Loki costume and I have no clue where to start...
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thank you very much! This wasn't made. It was actually a souvenir I got when I was in London. Sorry for not helping!
TheFossilSisters's avatar
Oh, it's totally fine! :D Still love the cosplay! :D :D :D
GhostOfTwilight's avatar
This is absolutely amazing! And so very beautiful!
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thank you so much :)
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You are welcome, honestly, this is this best cosplay I've seen in my life. It was just so hauntingly elegant and plain gorgeous. Keep up the fantastic work
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