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All of the listed prices are in USD!

Grayscale, No Background

$30 - $40, Torso Up 
Example: Lemvette's Accessories by Yilx
$45 - $60, Full Body
Example: Nakano Sketch by Yilx Smogon CAP Entry Sketch by Yilx
Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
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Full Colour, No Background
$70 - $80, Torso Up
Example: Anzu by Yilx Io by Yilx
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$90 - $120, Waist Up to Full Body 
Example: Demon Goddess Lemvette by Yilx Firachoa by Yilx Reeze by Yilx Type Grass: Lilligant by Yilx
Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
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    • Venom-Chan (OC)
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Grayscale with Background
$90 - $100 
Example: Ishtar Steppy by Yilx Asagi's Revenge by Yilx
Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
  • Current List: 
    • Mako (OC)
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    Full Colour + Minimal Background
    $110 - $125
    Example: Orange Pekoe (St. Gloriana) by Yilx Workout Nakano by Yilx An Ice Fairy that worked out too much by Yilx
    Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
    • Current List: 
      • Sunazuka Akira (Ims CG)
      • Tira (Soul Calibur)

    Full Colour + Simple Background
    $130 - $160
    Example: Ryuujou's Power Trip by Yilx Taihou-chan by Yilx
    Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
    Please note that Large, detailled Cityscapes will typically cost more!
    • Current List: 
      • Amatsukaze (Kancolle)
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    Full Colour + Detailed Background
    $150 - $200

    Mature Content

    Rampage by Yilx
    Kagamine Rin's Little Rampage by Yilx Noriko's Rampage by Yilx Lilly is a bit mad by Yilx
    Please note that Large, detailled Cityscapes will typically cost more!
    • Current List: 
      • AriSatoya, Ty (OC)
    • In Queue:
      • Cassandra (OC)
      • Art OC (OC)
    Full Colour + Very Detailed Background
    $210 - $300
    Example: Anzu's Recreation by Yilx Mega Shuten's Rampage by Yilx
    Please note that Large, detailled Cityscapes will typically cost more!
    • Current List: 
      • Mytyl and Iolite (OC)
      • Hamakaze (Kancolle)
      • Abby (OC)
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    Pixel Art
    Small (Around 64x64) - $25 - $40
    Example: Binjou Siblings by Yilx
    Medium (Up to 128x128) - $45 - $60
    Example: Ricotta by Yilx
    Large (Up to 256x256) - $80 - $90
    Example: Lemvette Pixel (No Background) by Yilx
    For all 3 Tiers, I can give them a simple looping animation for an extra $30-$60 depending on how complex it will be.
    Example: Demon Goddess (Animated) by Yilx
    • Current List: 
      • Soriz (GBF)
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      • None Yet


    - For grayscale drawings, they will be priced at $40-50 depending on how complex the character is.
    - For fully coloured drawings, I will be charging $60-$100 for an additional character, depending on how complex the request is.
    - I am willing to add a few short paragraphs to a picture for $20. You can see examples of my style of writing from most of the pictures I've done.

    - Fit, Flat, Cute Female characters. This is the stuff I draw most of the time.
    - Male and Non-human Characters are OK, but subject to review.
    - I'd rather not draw Characters from Western Media, but again, they are subject to review.

    - No Hard Fetishes (Gore, Scat, Etc.)
    - No Furries and Ponies
    - No CalArts/Disney Characters
    - Please try to keep things within Reason
    - I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason under the right circumstances.

    - I will send a WIP Sketch and WIP for Rough Colours.
    - Up to 4 Edits allowed. 
    - Downpayment will be made as a Paypal invoice when I send the sketch.

    To make an inquiry, please either send me an email at or drop me a message on Deviantart! Do include "Commission" in the subject header so that I know you are asking for one! Also, please include your Paypal email in the message so I know who to send the invoice to!
    sup, i'm trying to make a game with :icontokotiger: about cute and strong giant girls fighting each other. the art for my characters are pretty much done but :icontokotiger: still has characters that have yet to get their art done so he'll upload them later. the game project has a group now,, so all further art and stuff will be posted there. do ask him if you have more questions as i'm busy quite a bit.…

    Hey guys, the Cap 18 Art polls is up. This time it's about a mon that's supposed to work in an OU core with Latias and Lucario, although probably everyone got sidetracked halfway through and are probably just going to use it with Latias now. Go vote if you can!

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    • Listening to: :(
    • Reading: :(
    • Watching: :(
    • Playing: :(
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    i cant believe how patient you people are in putting up with my bland art

    thanks for everyhting
    • Listening to: lovesolfege, jinrui op and ed
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    why is my art so sux
    • Listening to: minusP kagamine rin songs
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    • Drinking: ICE MILK TEA the one n only
    For those that have an account on's forums, I'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for my design in the current Create-a-Pokemon art poll. Thanks alot...!
    ...nothng mattrz...

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    oooh lots of empty space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the DAVOID --->>>
    so exciting
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    my lecturer sucks

    if i were to write an essay on how much i hate him and the amount of bullcrap he's done, the amount of paper and ink given to me would eternally be unable to fufill my needs

    if i were to state how much dislike the entire class has for him in the form of a picture, the picture would be so big it'd be the size of at least 5000 giant stars, maybe even more

    never before has any human being made me rage so much in my entire life

    simply the thought of him cuts off 5 minutes off my lifespan

    my fellow classmates who feel the sameway leave a message down there


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    but i also hate anime
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