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Anzu's Bath Toys by Yilx Anzu's Bath Toys by Yilx
Anzu had already left much of the city and bay behind her in ruins and had wandered into the bay area to wash off the rubble and debris stuck onto her body. Knocking down the remaining ruins in the way, she stepped into the water slowly, causing huge waves that rocked every boat in the vicinity.

As she waded through the water, the ripples and waves she sent with her colossal frame upturned some of the smaller boats almost immediately, although this time the military was more than ready to attempt to stop her. With every last bit of their firepower, every single coastal gun and battleship opened fire on her; massive salvos of missiles and artillery rained down upon Anzu's body, turning her body into a massive conflagration.

"H-hyaah-! W-wait, a-aah!"

She flinched and bent forward slightly, letting out a small yelp; it almost looked certain they were able to slow her down, but Anzu stopped in her tracks not because she was hurt; it was very obvious to the navy that they only succeeded in making Anzu more excited, the blush on her face growing redder as some of the explosions from the first waves of bombardment cleared, showing no signs of damage on the her unblemished skin.

"S-stop it, hey! Y-you're tickling too much-"

Before she could regain her composure, a second wave of cruiser bombardment was readied and fired almost instantly, the coastal batteries meant for taking down massive warships joining in the firing; just as futile as Anzu simply reached down and grabbed a few of the battleships within her palms, crushing them into scrap metal as the her toned abs seemingly reflected any amount of bombardment the military could muster on her.

Even though the unrelenting assault on her seemed futile, the military was dead set on taking her down; her perfectly toned 6-pack was bombarded with an endless flurry of high-explosive artillery shells from all directions, enough to completely wipe out any opposition that the navy would normally had to deal with. Much to their dismay, Anzu returned their fire with nothing but high-pitched yelps as dust and flames cleared only to show the complete ineffectiveness of any amount of firepower the humans could muster against her, her toned body completely unfazed by their attacks.

The twintailed president toyed with the navy as she pleased, taking great pleasure in the amount of power she had. She ran her finger through nearby ships, sinking them and tearing them into pieces with barely her fingers, overturning massive battleships with her as her hips waded through the water and crushing and tossing away cruisers in her way.

"Ueheehee... Thanks for making this so enjoyable for me."
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Alberto62 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing! This image shows all the power of the giantess!
HunterGiantesses Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018
MasterOfRa Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wahaha, you already know I love this one from my last reaction, but once again, I really like this!

Great job, naturally. Always fun to read the story you write along with the picture, and this one felt pretty long. Definitely excited to see what comes next!
Someguy1997 Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
kittyelfie Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
Even if she were normal sized, there does not exist a weapon powerful enough to affect those abs.
virtuafighter49 Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
Awesome, great job once again Yilx. :)
Cestarian Featured By Owner May 30, 2018   Digital Artist
looks like quite the comfy massage
Mainthegap Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
poor funny pitiful humans :3
EpicoArt Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
This is definitely one of my favourite of your drawings, everything just looks so perfect here! And I love the story behind it too.
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