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Teo Shun Samuel
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Mega Ryuujou
Wiping out city after city off the map, it was not long before Ryuujou's supermassive size began to take truly epic porpotions. The petite but toned shipgirl grew to truly terrifying sizes, able to overlook entire continents at her full height. At her current size, just a single foot was enough to flatten and completely destroy entire office blocks.

As she paced across the continent, the sweat dripping off her body created massive bodies of water as they crashed against the surface. Looking for more cities to play in, she eventually spotted a massive metropolis in the distance, making her way towards it.

As she closed in on the edge of the city, she stood there for a bit to observe how absolutely they were compared to her; at this size, not even their tallest buildings were past her smallest toe. The heat eminating from her alone was enough to knock out the millions of people unforunate enough to be around where she was standing. Happily skipping along, she wiped out massive swathes of civilization with just her feet alone, leaving footprint-shaped craters behind her as she made her way t othe center of the city. She laid down right through the middle of the city, flattening absolutely anything caught beneath her sweaty, steaming back and bottom.

Merely laying down on the city was enough to cause a massive disaster for the city beneath her; any form of civilization caught beneath her was reduced to nothing but rubble, the massive quakes caused by her slight motioning knocking down the more fragile buildings and the buildings immediately around her were toppled easily by every part of her spread out body. Even her fluffy twintails caused a huge mess where they were laid out, their large volume spreading out on the ground and demolishing any buildings caught in them.

As if like merely her presence alone was not enough, the gigantic girl began to start toying with the surviving civilization around her. Leaving massive, barren craters around her body as she dragged her muscular arms across the continent, she scooped up all kinds of buildings with barely her fingers, placing them on her chest and toned and sweaty belly playfully.

Showing not a shred of mercy as she flaunted her power, she could only chuckle smugly to herself as she placed more of the city on her warm, gigantic body, intentionally crushing some of the bigger buildings she picked with her palm.
The Wrath of the Sand Priestess
With the combined powers of two Primal Beasts, the Priestess of the Sands gathered a terrifying amount of power within herself, amplified by her spiralling emotions. As a result, she grew to a colossal size, rivalling that of the larger primal beasts. Using her newfound power, she rose up and beyond the entire population, delivering her final judgment upon humanity.

While she was nigh inpenetrable before with her Mastery over her own abilities, absorbing the power of Branwen and Graphos into herself made her completely unstoppable. Airships were blown off-course and crashed into her sifting sands while every last structure she laid her eyes on were crushed like they were mere sandcastles.

Effortlessly laying waste to the entire island of Sable, it was only a matter of time before Sara looked for the next city to demolish...
Garuda's Invasion
The nation was grossly under-prepared for the oncoming attack. They had stationed various airships in the sky and were primed to fend off an attacker from the sky, but what arrived was a colossal, winged girl, descending upon their city with a terrifying entrance. Her tanned, sweaty body was glimmering in the bright day, soon to be turned into a warzone.

Like a raging gale, As she flapped her colossal wings, Garuda crashed right down and through the middle of the city with all her might, causing hurricane-like updrafts that absolutely obliterated the immediate city around her. The larger buildings were thrown off their foundations and pummeled with massive shock waves while the smaller ones were flattened almost immediately. Comfortably descending, the massive castle that was directly beneath her butt was completely crushed, standing no chance of resisting her overwhelming power.

The surrounding buildings were not shown any mercy, either; her gigantic, bronze legs easily tore through multiple buildings, each one of them barely bigger than just her feet. She placed her palm on a nearby tower comfortably, completely flattening and demolishing it with barely any effort. Her tail tore through the buildings behind her seamlessly, her entire being turning the city into a pile of dust clouds and rubble.

In the sky, the situation was not any better. Because of the amount of gales she was creating, every single airship was completely thrown off-course and sent crashing into each other or the ground. Their construction, although sturdy and built to last, was all but frail when put against her might, being rended to pieces by just her winds alone.

Despite her small, lithe frame, she exhibited insurmountable power, causing an unspeakable disaster with just her entry alone. Looking down at the little city, she bellowed loudly, grinning at her newfound playground.

"A-hahaha! I will throughly enjoy myself here..."
sup, i'm trying to make a game with :icontokotiger: about cute and strong giant girls fighting each other. the art for my characters are pretty much done but :icontokotiger: still has characters that have yet to get their art done so he'll upload them later. the game project has a group now,, so all further art and stuff will be posted there. do ask him if you have more questions as i'm busy quite a bit.




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